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WWE Elimination Chamber Results - 2/20/11

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  • WWE Elimination Chamber Results - 2/20/11

    WWE Elimination Chamber Results
    February 20th, 2011

    Alberto Del Rio is out first to kick off the show.

    Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

    Before the match, Del Rio said you could not stop the greatest of the great or pure destiny. Lock up and Kingston pushes Del Rio to the corner quickly. Del Rio stays in the corner as Kingston charges in to force the referee to break it up. Another lock up and Kingston pushes Del Rio to the nearby corner. Del Rio with a big takedown and rollup for a two count. Kingston with a quick dropkick and Del Rio grabs the bottom rope to avoid any further offense. Rodriguez checked on Del Rio on the outside. Kingston tosses Del Rio back in and lands a big kick to the back. Del Rio tosses Kingston to the ring apron. Kingston drops Del Rio with a big right, but Del Rio quickly responds knocking Kingston off the ring apron into the steel ring post and then tossing him into the steel steps. Del Rio tosses Kingston back in and works over Kingston's arm. Del Rio with some big right hands and forearms to the head of Kingston. Del Rio locks in a body scissors on Kingston keeping the action grounded. Kingston fights back with some right hands. Del Rio responds with a big kick to the body. Kingston with a springboard crossbody/forearm to the head on Del Rio off the corner. Kingston with a big sledgehammer first to the chest and a series of dropkicks that drops Del Rio. Kingston with a Boom Drop. Kingston gets ready for Trouble in Paradise in the corner. Del Rio dodges, Kingston misses a splash in the corner and catches Del Rio with a kick. Kingston off the top attemtping a crossbody, but Del Rio gets his knees up catching Kingston. Del Rio in for a cover that results in a two count. Del Rio with a big kick and then puts Kingston up on the top turnbuckle. Kingston knocks Del Rio off who was attempting a superplex. Kingston with a missle dropkick. Cover by Kingston and Del Rio kicks out after two. Del Rio drops Kingston's chest/stomach off his knees, cover and Kingston kicks out after two. Del Rio tosses Kingston in the air, but Kingston counters with a DDT. Kingston in for a cover and Rodriguez distracts the referee. Del Rio with a kick to the leg of Kingston. Kingston with his flip drop into a pinfall for a close two count on Del Rio. Del Rio dodges a splash by Kingston in the corner as Kingston crotches himself. Del Rio drops Kingston down an a reverse neckbreaker from the corner. Del Rio locks in the flying armbar. Kingston keeps his fingers locked to block it, but Del Rio eventually breaks it up and Kingston taps out.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    Backstage, Todd Grisham is with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge goes over a rough few weeks on Smackdown and said he isn't stupid in that no one has walked in and walked out as champion in an Elimination Chamber match. Drew McIntyre walks up clapping and says he is happy everything worked out for Edge. He brings up Kelly Kelly and how Edge doesn't seem to care she was fired. McIntyre said he took something important away from him and tonight he will take away his title. He said his title and Kelly have one thing in common: they will never be seen together.

    After the entrances of Kane, Drew McIntyre, and Wade Barrett, Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out and reminded everyone that he fired Dolph Ziggler on Friday. Long presents his replacement: Big Show.

    Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match - WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    Edge vs. Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Wade Barrett vs. Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio

    We start with Edge and Rey Mysterio. Lock up and Edge pushes Mysterio to the corner. Edge with a few right hands. Mysterio responds with some big kicks to the leg. Edge ends up dropping Mysterio face first on the mat after Mysterio hit the ropes and jumped at Edge. Edge with kicks to Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio with a head scissors takedown on Edge from the corner. Edge tosses Mysterio over the top rope and Mysterio crashes on the steel floor surrounding the ring. Mysterio recovers with Edge up on the top turnbuckle. Mysterio with a big huricanrana off the top rope on Edge for a two count. Edge tosses Mysterio against the chain of the chamber. Edge then tosses Mysterio face first off a pod with Kane inside.

    Time expires. Released first is: Wade Barrett. Barrett kicks Mysterio right away. Barrett tosses Mysterio into the corner and begins kicking his back. Edge is able to get in some right hands on Barrett. Edge tosses Mysterio at Barrett. Edge then slides Mysterio under the bottom rope sending Mysterio crashing into the chain wall. Barrett taunts Big Show in front of his pod. Barrett dumps Mysterio back in the ring and lands a big kick. Barrett with a big slam on Mysterio, hook of the leg and Mysterio gets a shoulder up after two. Barrett tosses Mysterio with force into the corner. Edge pulls down the top rope and Barrett goes crashing over into the steel floor. Mysterio quickly drops Edge, goes up top, but Barrett cuts him off wtih a right hand. Barrett puts Mysterio on his shoulders, hits Edge using Mysterio, but Mysterio grabs the chain wall, kicks Barrett, starts climbing up, falls on the shoulders of Barrett and then drops Barrett over the top rope back into the ring. Mysterio kicks Barrett into the ropes for a 619, but Edge levels Mysterio with a big boot. Edge covers and gets a close two count.

    Time expires. Released second is: Kane. Kane comes in and drops Edge, Mysterio and Barrett with uppercuts. Edge catches Kane with a boot, but Kane catches Edge with an uppercut again. Kane with a snapmare on Barrett and a kick to the face. Cover by Kane on Barrett and Barrett gets a shoulder up. Kane with punches to Mysterio in the corner and then splashes both Edge and Barrett. Kane splashes Mysterio, big boots Edge and drops Barrett with a side slam. Mysterio walks up kicking Kane right in the head. Cover and Kane gets a shoulder up. Edge with a boot to Kane and Kane gets a shoulder up. Barrett then kicks Kane and Kane again finds a way to get a shoulder up. Triple clothesline involving Edge, Mysterio and Barrett. Kane clotheslines Edge to the steel floor over the top rope. Kane goes after Barrett hitting him with right hands and kicks. Mysterio with a headbutt to Kane, but Kane with a huge right hand knocking Mysterio off.

    Time expires. Released third is: Drew McIntyre. McIntyre launches Mysterio like a dart into his pod. McIntyre and Barrett dobule team Kane sending him into the chain wall. McIntyre kicks Barrett as Barrett was getting back into the ring and then launches Barrett through his pod crashing the pod wall down. McIntyre goes after Edge hitting some big right hands. McIntyre with a snap suplex, cover and Edge gets a shoulder up. Edge with a big spike DDT on McIntyre. Mysterio drops Kane down and misses a 619 when Kane moves. Kane with a big boot to Edge and then launches Mysterio head first into another pod. Kane back body drops McIntyre into Barrett.

    Time expires. Released last is: Big Show. Big Show with big clotheslines leveling everyone. Big Show tosses Edge over the top rope and does the same to Kane. Big chest chop by Big Show to McIntyre sending McIntyre over the top rope. Barrett is now trying to avoid Big Show. Big Show grabs his by the neck and puts him through another pod wall. Barrett tries to climb up the chain wall and Big Show is chopping him all over his body. Barrett falls back into the ring and Big Show lands a knockout punch. Big Show gets the pinfall on Barrett.

    Wade Barrett is eliminated.

    We can see Mysterio climbing up to the roof of a pod. McIntyre with a Future Shock DDT on Big Show and Big Show barely kicks out after two. Mysterio is standing up on top of the pod. Mysterio with a seated senton on Big Show and Big Show powers out of the pinfall sending Mysterio flying into the ropes. Kane with a boot to the head of Big Show. Mysterio with a 619 to Big Show. Edge with a Spear on Big Show. Kane clears out Edge and Mysterio. Kane with a chokeslam to Big Show and gets the pinfall.

    Big Show is eliminated.

    Kane with a chokeslam on McIntyre and gets the pinfall.

    Drew McIntyre is eliminated.

    Mysterio with a DDT on Kane for a close two count. Mysterio with a springboard leg drop over Kane and another very close two count. Mysterio with a big kick to Kane, springboard attempt, Kane catches him and Mysterio powers Kane down into the ropes. 619 on Kane. Kane tries to counter a seated senton, but Edge hits a Spear on Kane. Edge covers Kane for the pinfall.

    Kane is eliminated.

    Kane with a cheap shot on Edge. Kane gives Mysterio a chokeslam. Kane with a chokeslam on Edge as well. The referee yells at Kane to leave the chamber. We are now down to Edge and Rey Mysterio. One of these men will advance to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 27 against Alberto Del Rio. Mysterio counters a Spear attempt into a rollup for a close two count. Edge rolls through a crossbody by Mysterio for another close two count. Mysterio with a bulldog on Edge, cover and Edge gets a shoulder up. Mysterio is going up top and Edge cuts him off. Mysterio with headbutts to Edge. Edge with a sitdown powerbomb for a close two count on Mysterio. Mysterio drops Edge into the ropes. Edge counters the 619 and applies a modified Sharpshooter. Mysterio rolls through into a pinfall for a close two count. Mysterio dodges a Spear, hits the ropes and Edge catches Mysterio with a Spear. Cover...1...2...Mysterio kicks out. Edge can't believe it. Mysterio dumps Edge to the ropes and connects with the 619. Mysterio with the body splash, cover and Edge kicks out. Mysterio with another 619. Mysterio jumps off the top rope and Edge catches him in mid air with a Spear. Edge covers and gets the pinfall.

    Winner: Edge

    After the match, Josh Mathews mentions that Edge is the first WWE superstar in five years to walk in as champion and walk out as champion inside an Elimination Chamber match. Alberto Del Rio hits the ring and takes out Edge with a big drokick to the head. Del Rio then applies the flying armbar on Del Rio. Christian's music hits and he runs down tackling Del Rio hitting him with big right hands. Christian kicks Del Rio in the body a few times. Christian dumps Del Rio into the second turnbuckle in a corner and continues with kicks. WWE referees hold Christian back. Christian breaks free and hits the Killswitch on Del Rio. Edge is then seen recovering holding up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Christian heads to the back.

    Backstage, we see Jerry "The King" Lawler getting ready. Matt Striker tries to get a word. Lawler said this week should have been the most enjoyable week ever, but a week ago today his mother passed away. He said he is still thinking about it and impossible to put into words. Lawler said at the same time things have to continue and this match will take place whether he likes it or not. He said he had a great career, but one thing he never did is win the WWE Championship and compete at Wrestlemania. Lawler said he doesn't want to let anyone down and will do what he has to do to win this match.

    Booker T is then introduced. Booker leaves the announce table and takes the mic inside the ring. Booker introduces a special guest, a trainer for the return of WWE "Tough Enough"...former WWE Diva Trish Stratus. Booker welcomes Trish back. Trish said she is looking for the next WWE star on "Tough Enough" and being around the ring again has made her come up with a new catchphrase. Trish says, "Finally...the Trish...has come back to deliver Stratusfaction to the millions..." Booker reminds everyone that "Tough Enough" returns the night after Wrestlemania 27 right after Monday Night Raw. Booker asks why Trish is here tonight. Trish said she is here to watch Jerry "The King" Lawler win the WWE Championship.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match
    Santino and Vladimir Kozlov vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel w/ Ezekiel Jackson

    We start with Vladimir Kozlov and Heath Slater. Kozlov with a quick takedown and tag to Santino. Santino with a headlock takedown. Big Zeke with a cheap shot on Santino. Slater breaks free and tags in Justin Gabriel. Gabriel sweeps Santino. Santino sweeps Gabriel. Tag to Kozlov who tosses Gabriel into the corner. Gabriel catches Kozlov with a knee and goes right into a headlock. Kozlov with a big headbutt to Gabriel sending Gabriel flying through the ropes to the outside. Gabriel catches Kozlov with a kick to the head from the ring apron while recovering. Tag to Slater who corkscrews over the top rope splashing Kozlov. Tag to Santino who hip tosses Slater and drops a forearm. Gabriel jumps in and Santino hip tosses him onto Slater. Santino with a Cobra on Gabriel, covers Slater and Slater kicks out. Tag to Kozlov who takes out Gabriel with a big boot. Kozlov with a headbutt and powerslam to Gabriel. Blind tag by Slater. Slater kicks Kozlov from behind and drops him in an inverted DDT. Slater dropkicks Santino to the outside. Tag to Gabriel who hits the 450 Splash. Cover and Gabriel gets the pinfall.

    Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

    Backstage, Todd Grisham is with WWE Champion The Miz. Grisham asks him if he is nervous. Miz asks Grisham what year it is. He said it isn't 1983 when it was good to be The King. It isn't 1999 when people were smelling what The Rock was cooking. It is instead 2011, the year of The Miz.

    Vickie Guerrero is out in the arena. She begs for the WWE Universe to help her get Dolph Ziggler rehired. Guerrero said Ziggler has a temper and that he doesn't deserve to be fired. Smackdown GM Teddy Long is out and tells Vickie to stop it. Guerrero says Long looks great. Long says lucky for her, he is in the "hiring mood." He lets Vickie know he didn't hire Dolph back, but he did hire someone back and gave them free reign to thank Vickie for her time as acting GM of Smackdown. Kelly Kelly is back. Vickie bails from the ring running around. Vickie rolls back in and Kelly catches up with her. Kelly kicks Vickie and starts beating her up. Laycool hit the ring and they attack Kelly pushing her out of the ring. Michelle McCool is still wearing a boot on her foot. Trish Stratus runs out and scares off Laycool. Laycool then comes back and drops Trish on her head. They toss Trish in the ring. Trish with a Lou Thesz Press on Layla. Michelle uppercuts Trish along with a kick to the stomach. Trish with big elbows to Michelle and a kick to the head. Trish with her huricanrana spot on Layla. Trish with Stratusfaction on Michelle catching Layla with a kick on the way down. Trish and Kelly celebrate.

    WWE Championship Match
    The Miz (c) w/ Alex Riley vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler

    Lawler with a quick rollup on Miz early on for a two count. Miz with forearms to Lawler. Lawler with a backslide pin and inside cradle on Miz for two counts on each. Miz slows it down with a headlock, shoulder block, but Lawler fires back with a big clothesline. Lawler with a crossbody for another two count on Miz. Lawler with a big right hand. More right hands from Lawler in the corner on Miz as the crowd counted along. Lawler with a clothesline sending Miz over the top rope to the outside. Riley distracts Lawler on the outside allowing Miz to send Lawler face first into the steel ring post. Miz puts Lawler up on the ring apron and hits a high knee. In the ring, Lawler kicks out during a pinfall attempt by Miz after two. Riley with a cheap shot with Miz distracting the referee. Lawler fights back with more right hands to Miz. Miz with his corner clothesline spot. Lawler with a superplex on Miz from the top turnbuckle. Lawler with rights. Miz fights back with lefts. More Lawler rights. Lawler with a dropkick. Lawler with a second dropkick. Lawler with a high back body drop on Miz. Lawler catches Miz with a boot. Riley then trips up Lawler dropping him down face first. The referee then sends Riley to the back. Miz misses a splash in the corner on Lawler, Lawler with a rollup and a close two count. Lawler gets Miz ready for a piledriver. Miz backs out and catches Lawler with a big boot. During the pin attempt, Lawler counters into a pin of his own for another close two count. Miz goes flying over the top rope when Lawler holds the top rope down. Cole stands up yelling at Lawler that he can't do this, cheering on Miz. Lawler gets in Cole's face when Miz attacks him and sends Lawler into the side of the ring. Lawler sends Miz face first into the announce table three times. Cole yells out, "Miz, come on! This can't be happening!" Lawler then tosses Miz over the announce table right into the lap of Cole. Lawler tosses Miz back in the ring and goes up to the top turnbuckle. Lawler drops a huge right hand off the top. Miz kicks out during a pin attempt. We then see a shot of Cole recovering. Miz drops Lawler over his knee, but Lawler recovers with a DDT on Miz. Lawler looks up at the Wrestlemania sign, smiles, gets up on the second rope, drops a strap and drops a fist. During the pin, Miz gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Miz counters a piledriver attempt. Two close pinfalls by both. Miz recovers with a boot to the head. Miz then hits the Skull Crushing Finale and gets the pinfall on Lawler.

    Winner and still WWE Champion: The Miz

    After the match, we see Michael Cole cheering at ringside. Cole gets into the ring and hands the WWE Championship to The Miz still celebrating. Cole gets back on his headset during the replay saying Miz proved why he will headline Wrestlemania without the help of anyone. After Miz heads to the back, Jerry Lawler is up on his feet and the crowd starts a loud "JERRY!" chant. Cole said Lawler will probably have to buy a ticket to Wrestlemania this year since WWE more than likely won't allow him to call the action anymore at ringside. He calls Lawler an absolute embarassment to this company.

    Backstage, we see a shot of John Cena eating a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Todd Grisham walks up wanting his thoughts on Monday Night Raw. Cena said his focus is on the Elimination Chamber tonight.

    Matt Striker is now shown with CM Punk. Punk said he is batting 1,000 right now - CM Punk 3, John Cena 0. He said he "can't see" Cena beating him tonight in the Elimination Chamber or four other top WWE stars...except him.

    Raw Elimination Chamber - #1 Contendership for WWE Championship
    Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. John Morrison

    We start with Sheamus and John Morrison. Sheamus drops Morrison quickly. Sheamus with a big headlock takedown. Morrison fights out and Sheamus with another headlock takedown. Morrison fights up and gets in a big takedown on Sheamus. Morrison with a corkscrew over the top rope taking out Sheamus on the steel floor. Morrison springboards at Sheamus, Sheamus moves, Morrison lands on the chain wall and then pushes himself off catching Sheamus with a big kick. Back in the ring, Sheamus recovers and drops Morrison with a big clothesline. Morrison sets up for a split leg moonsault off the top turnbuckle, but Sheamus pushes Morrison face first into the pod wall that R-Truth is behind. Sheamus then tosses Morrison face first into the chain wall.

    Time expires. Out first is: Randy Orton. Orton with clotheslines to Sheamus and a big powerslam. Orton with a powerslam to Morrison. Orton tosses Morrison over his head to Sheamus on the steel floor. Orton sends Morrison crashing inside his pod. Orton clotheslines Sheamus back in the ring. Orton with a DDT on Sheamus to the steel floor. CM Punk looked on smiling from his pod. Orton sends Morrison back in the ring and starts stomping over his body. Orton gets in a stomp to Sheamus as well. Orton with a superplex on Morrison from the top turnbuckle for a two count. Orton with a superplex on Sheamus. We then see a shot of WWE Champion The Miz looking on backstage along with Alex Riley.

    Back live, Time expires. Out second is: CM Punk. Punk's pod door is stuck. Punk is trying to fight his way out. Orton slowly walks up and starts hitting Punk with some big right hands. Orton starts kicking Punk with force, pulls him out of the pod and tosses him in the ring. Orton with an RKO on CM Punk. Orton covers and gets the pinfall. Punk is eliminated.

    CM Punk is eliminated.

    The Raw GM has something to say. "And I quote, Due to a malfunctioning pod, CM Punk was not given a fair chance to compete. Therefore, I'm allowing Mr. Punk to re-enter his pod. CM Punk is now re-instated in this match."

    Sheamus goes after Orton and Morrison. Sheamus with his Irish Curse Backbreaker to Orton and tosses Morrison over the top rope to the steel floor. Orton dodges a kick from Sheamus and Morrison catches Orton with a big kick to the head.

    Time expires. Out second, officially, is: John Cena. Sheamus rushes Cena's pod and starts attacking him inside with big right hands and a knee. Sheamus with right hands to Cena and sends him into the chain wall. Cena bounces back inside the ring as Sheamus follows. Morrison counters an AA from Cena landing on his feet on the steel floor. Morrison takes out both Orton and Sheamus. Orton and Sheamus now exchanging shots. Orton with a tackle and right hands. Orton drops a knee over Sheamus and gets a two count during a pinfall attempt. Sheamus with a knee to the gut on Orton.

    Time expires. Out third is: R-Truth. Sheamus tries to go after Truth in his pod, but Truth dodges it and throws Sheamus' head against the pod wall. Sheamus fights back kicking away Truth. Truth with a hip toss on Sheamus over the steel floor. Truth drops Orton with a facebuster. Truth drops Morrison as well. Truth with a corkscrew forearm on Cena. Sheamus drops Truth with a big boot and gets the pinfall.

    R-Truth is eliminated.

    Morrison with right hands on Sheamus. Orton drops Cena with a right hand near the steel floor. Morrison with a big kick to the face of Sheamus. Orton is stalking Morrison. Morrison kicks Sheamus on the back. Orton sends Morrison through a pod wall. Orton and Cena are now exchanging right hands in the ring. Orton drops Cena with a dropkick.

    Time expires. Out fourth and last is: CM Punk. Orton is again waiting for Punk to come out. Cena tries to cut off Orton. Orton ends up giving Cena an RKO over the steel floor. Punk is laughing as Sheamus hits Orton with a big boot. Punk drops Sheamus, covers Orton and only gets a two count. Punk tosses Orton back in the ring and starts mocking Orton. Punk with the Go To Sleep on Orton and gets the pinfall.

    Randy Orton is eliminated.

    Punk smiles as Orton rolls out of the ring. Punk with a running knee to Cena. Punk with a running high knee to Sheamus. Sheamus tosses Punk into a pod wall and then clotheslines Punk over the steel floor. Morrison drops Sheamus with a big side kick. Morrison is tossed to the steel floor by Sheamus. Morrison is going up top and then climbs to the top of a pod ceiling. Sheamus follows Morrison up. Both Morrison and Sheamus are at the top of a pod. Sheamus is attempting to hook Morrison in a High Cross. Morrison fights back kicking Sheamus off the pod to the mat below. Morrison is now standing on top of the pod. Morrison is climbing up the chamber chain wall climbing to the top of the dome. Sheamus stands up and Morrison drops from the top of the chamber. Morrison gets the pinfall on Sheamus.

    Sheamus is eliminated.

    We are down to John Cena, CM Punk, and John Morrison. Cena with big shoulder tackles on Punk and his twisting powerbomb. Cena with the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Punk. Punk rolls out of the ring to the steel floor. Cena has Punk on his shoulders. Morrison springboards off the top turnbuckle and takes out both Cena and Punk. Morrison ends up crashing his knee into a pod wall trying to take out Cena when Cena moved out of the way. In the ring, Punk with a snapmare into a cover for a two count. Punk with an triangle choke on Cena. Cena powers out keeping Punk on his shoulders. Morrison jumps off the top turnbuckle clotheslining Punk off the shoulders of Cena. Morrison covers Punk and Punk gets a shoulder up after two. Cena with an AA on Morrison. Punk catches Cena with a big kick to the head. Punk with a springboard forearm that takes out Cena into a cover resulting in a two count. Punk then catapults Cena into a pod wall. Punk grabs Morrison attempting another catapult, but Morrison hangs on to the pod, jumps to the chain wall and then kicks Punk back in the ring. Morrison, hopping on one leg, misses a split leg moonsault. Punk with Go To Sleep on Morrison, cover and Morrison is eliminated.

    John Morrison is eliminated.

    Cena has Punk up for an AA. Punk holds on to the ropes. Cena still hits the AA and Punk lands right on his back over the steel floor. Cena hooks the leg and gets the pinfall on Punk.

    Winner: John Cena

    Backstage, we see a shot of WWE Champion The Miz holding his title high in the air. Cena celebrates in the ring as we see another shot of The Miz holding the WWE Championship high backstage watching the live feed. Cole sends us off plugging that it will be The Miz vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 27.

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    Every single outcome....I don't think it's humanly possible to be any less shocking.

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      Originally posted by jsab4807 View Post
      Every single outcome....I don't think it's humanly possible to be any less shocking.
      I know, right!?

      I was correct on every outcome that I listed, which is why I told ya it wouldn't be worth your time to watch.


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        The only surprising this was seeing Trish back...
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          I am happy that Trish is back. I am surprised that Christian got involved in the Edge Vs Del Rio match since Vince doesnt like him. I wonder if they will make it a Triple Threat match now.