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WWE Raw Results - 2/21/11

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  • WWE Raw Results - 2/21/11

    WWE Raw Results
    February 21st, 2011

    The 2.21.11 numbers appear on the screen along with an hour long countdown.

    John Cena makes his way down to the ring. Cena says, "what a day," and nearly the entire crowd begins to boo him. Cena responds by saying, "what a crowd". Cena is playing into the crowd, and they are eating out of his hand with a chorus of boos. Cena brags that he won the Elimination Chamber match, and will be going to Wrestlemania. Cena says that this should be a joyous occasion, but this isn't a normal situation. Ever since last Monday, Cena hasn't been hearing about the Miz or the Elimination Chamber. He has been hearing about some alleged comments made by The Rock. Cena doesn't know what to say in response to The Rock. Cena says that honestly, he was going to let him slide because he is The Rock. Cena says that we should take a look at the footage one more time, and then he'll figure out what to say.

    Cena says that initially he was excited to see Rocky back, but on second thought, it seems as though The Rock was making fun of him. Cena says that if he is going to call someone out, there is only one way that he knows how to do it. He hasn't done it in a long time, but Cena reminds the audience that he has a degree in Thuganomics! Cena says that if he doesn't air it out tonight, he'll never hear the end of the Rocky stuff. Cena says that this is a onetime deal for the crowd tonight. Cena cuts an old school rap promo on The Rock before dropping the mic and heading to the back.

    John Morrison v. CM Punk

    The match starts with Punk sliding to the outside of the ring and grabbing the leg of Morrison. Punk slides back into the ring, and kicks Morrison down into the corner. Punk connects with a couple of kicks to the gut, and then throws Morrison into the middle of the ring. Punk mounts Morrison and unloads with a series of punches. Punk applies pressure to the knee of Morrison and locks in a submission. Morrison escapes, and tries to battle back with a slew of forearms. Morrison mounts Punk and goes for the punches. Morrison sets up for the running knee, but Punk counters. Morrison is dazed as Punk lifts him up into the air for the GTS. Punk connects, and this match is over!

    Winner: CM Punk

    After the match, CM Punk has a microphone. He calls out, "Randall Keith Orton". Punk asks him where he is at, because he has decided to give the New Nexus a night off. He promises Orton that this is not a setup. Punk reflects on the fateful night in 2008 when Orton punted him in the skull. Punk says that the bright lights of Wrestlemania are not in Orton's future, he tells him to just walk away. Punk claims that Orton doesn't deserve to wrestle at 'mania. However, it's up to Orton to decide why. Either it will be because he will be too crippled thanks to Punk to compete, or he won't be going because he'll cherish his health over the risk of injury. Punk says that if Orton shows up on Raw next week, he will destroy him. Orton sneaks into the ring. He tackles Punk and goes for the RKO. Punk manages to counter and scurry out of the ring. The New Nexus runs down to help, but Punk is true to his word and keeps them from attacking.

    Ricardo Rodriguez does the honors of introducing Alberto Del Rio. Kofi runs up from behind and begins to assault Del Rio. Kingston's advantage is brief as Del Rio goes right to work on Kofi's injured arm. The arm is chucked into steel posts, the barricade, and eventually into the cross arm bar on the outside of the ring. A referee separates the two, and tells Del Rio to go to the back. Instead of heading to the back, Del Rio confers with Rodriguez and then charges back at Kingston, shoving the injured arm into the corner post once again.

    Miz and Riley come out onto the ramp. Miz says that he was excited when The Rock said his name. He was eagerly anticipating a great Rock catchphrase, but the best that Rock could apparently come up with was that he sucked. Miz says that he has heard preschoolers with better lines. Miz says that while Rock may be hosting the show, Miz will be main eventing and beating John Cena. Miz says that Cena and Rock have something in common. They are beloved pop icons by the fans. On the other hand, Miz doesn't care about what the fans thinking. It doesn't matter, because he is awesome.

    General Manager Alert

    Enough about The Rock, I'll deal with him when I'm ready. However, the Rock and Sock Connection was a formidable tag team. So, tonight the Tag Team Belts will be defended against The Miz and his partner – John Cena

    Gail Kim & Eve Torres v. The Bella Twins

    Gail and one of the Bellas start the match off. The action initially spills to the outside of the ring, but Gail brings the action back to the inside. With the referee distracted, the other Bella pulls Gail Kim down off of the apron. Bella sets up for a leg drop, but misses with the move. Eve gets the tag, and whips Bella into the ropes. A dropkick from Eve is followed by a high cross body. Cover attempt, but Bella kicks out. Eve connects with a couple of clotheslines, and then hits a standing moonsault. The other Bella distracts Eve, which breaks the cover. Kim angrily tries to enter the ring which turns the attention of the referee. Eve slides in with a roll up, but Twin magic takes over and the roll up is reversed with a new twin. This match is over.

    Winners: The Bella Twins

    The countdown creeps down to zero. The Undertaker's music plays, and the Phenom has returned! The lights are out in the arena as Taker walks onto the entrance ramp. As the bell tolls, he begins to make his way down to the ring amidst galloons and galloons of smoke. Taker finally makes it into the ring. A giant crucifix symbol has been lowered from the ceiling to accentuate his entrance.

    The Game's music hits! HHH has returned and heads his way down to the ring. Once inside, he stares down Taker. The Undertaker does not look happy that HHH has come down and interrupted his grand return.

    With all music stopped, the stare down continues in the middle of the ring. The take a gander at the Wrestlemania sign, and then look back at each other. Undertaker scoffs, and then puts his hat back on and looks to head out of the ring before he makes his throat slashing gesture. The Game responds by holding his two arms up high in the air, and then connecting with a DX chop!

    King Sheamus v. Mark Henry

    Henry lifts Sheamus up into the air with a bear hug, and chucks him to the outside! Henry follows after and rolls him back into the ring. Sheamus is able to get back to his feet and connect with a couple of punches followed by a double axe handle. Cover attempt, but Henry kicks out.

    Sheamus puts Henry's neck on the second rope, and presses down with his leg. Sheamus then pulls Henry in between two of the ropes and clobbers his chest. Sheamus kicks Henry from on the apron, and then slingshots himself back into the ring. Sheamus settles in with a chin lock. Henry uses his pure strength to lift Sheamus into the air, and back him into the corner. Henry starts to build momentum with a couple of punches, but Sheamus halts the production with a kick to the gut.

    Henry shakes off the kick, and goes for a running splash. Sheamus rolls out of the way, and then kicks Henry in the skull. Sheamus is looking to finish off Henry with a Brogue Kick, but noticing that the referee is distracted, he tears off one of the turnbuckles. Before Sheamus can capitalize, Henry splashes into the corner, which sends Sheamus into the exposed turnbuckle! Henry hits the World's Strongest Slam, and this match is over!

    Winner: Mark Henry

    Daniel Bryan is in the back with Gail Kim. They are talking to each other as Sheamus comes up looking pretty angry. He asks what they are laughing about. Bryan says it had nothing to do with him, but Sheamus threatens to beat both Bryan and Gail Kim up. Sheamus then walks away.

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan is announced as a Hall of Fame Inductee for this year. He will be inducted by Ted Dibiase!

    Michael Cole enters the ring, and says that he will be interviewing Jerry Lawler. Lawler makes his way down to the ring. Cole asks him what he was feeling going into the title match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Cole continues the taunting by asking how he felt when he knew that his dreams were about to be shattered. When he knew that he was about to lose to The Miz and not go to Wrestlemania. Cole asks if Lawler at all thought that maybe it was time to retire after last night. Lawler has thus far refused to respond to any line of questioning. Cole then asks what he was feeling as he was staring up at the lights into the heavens and realizing that his deceased mother had the best seat in the house. When she had the best seat to realize her son was failing. How was Lawler feeling when he realized that he let his mother down?

    Lawler grabs Cole by the neck and says that if he ever talks about his mother again, it will be the last thing that he ever says! Cole may be saying that Lawler will not be going to Wrestlemania, but Lawler claims he has a way in, even if it costs him his job. Lawler says that he is issuing a Wrestlemania challenge – versus MICHAEL COLE! Lawler asks what Cole has to say about that. Cole says that Lawler is a senile old man, and there is no way that he'll ever get him in the ring. Cole exits the ring and heads back to the commentator booth. Lawler follows after and tells Cole to be a man, and not just hide behind his words like a gutless yellow coward. Cole takes off his suit jacket, and throws a cup of water into the face of Lawler. Michael Cole flees up into the crowd! Jerry Lawler has retaken his seat on commentary with the absence of Michael Cole.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match
    Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/ The Corre v. John Cena & The Miz w/ Alex Riley

    Miz and Slater are the first to start things off. Miz is caught off guard at the offset, and Gabriel gets the tag. Miz hits a nice crossbody drop and then grabs the arm of Gabriel. He drags him to the corner and then tags in Cena, after trash talking him. Gabriel is set up in the corner, and Miz runs full force from the opposite side of the ring for his signature splash. Miz connects with the Skull Crushing Finale. This match is over.

    Winners & NEW Tag Team Champions: John Cena & The Miz

    After the match, Wade Barrett grabs a mic. He says that The Corre wants to utilize their rematch clause, and they want to utilize it right now.

    General Manager Alert

    Ring the Bell!!!

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match
    John Cena & The Miz w/ Alex Riley v. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/ The Corre

    Cena in the ring with Heath Slater. Cena hits a huge crossbody and goes for a cover. Slater kicks out. Miz gets the tag. Set up in the corner, Miz connects with a chop, and then bounces off the ropes and kicks Slater under the chin. Jackson trips up Miz from the outside. Miz is slid out of the ring, and The Corre prevents Alex Riley from coming to the rescue. Gabriel takes the chance to hit a couple cheap shots.

    When all things are settled, Gabriel is tagged into the match and goes for a cover. Miz kicks out. Slater is tagged in again, and goes for the cover. Slater chokes Miz with his boot, and Wade gets in a cheap shot. Cover attempt, but Miz kicks out. Slater drills his knee into the back of Miz, and then cinches on a chin lock. Miz escapes, but only to get caught with a neckbreaker. Cover attempt, but Miz kicks out.

    Gabriel gets the tag, and immediately begins with his leg strikes. Miz escapes via a neckbreaker variant of his own, and tries to get to his corner. Gabriel makes it to Slater first, and Slater halts The Miz's progress. Heath has on a headlock, and then slams Miz into the corner. Gabriel gets the tag. Cover attempt, but Miz kicks out. Miz is struggling to get to the corner, but again he is dragged back just inches from bringing Cena into the match. Miz is fighting to escape a side headlock, but gets jammed back first into a corner. Gabriel looks for a splash, but Miz counters. Gabriel follows with a crossbody, but Miz kicks him in the mouth!

    Both competitors are flat on their backs. Cena gets the tag and Slater is in as well and gets met with two huge shoulder blocks and a side slam! The 5 Knuckle Shuffle connects! Cena lifts Slater up into the air for the Attitude Adjustment, but Miz runs into the ring and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena! Slater rolls onto Cena and picks up the victory. This match is over.

    Winners & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater

    Raw ends with The Corre celebrating their win.

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    So disapointed we didnt get a NEW ERA OF AWESOME

    Also, I getting really tired of Taker


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      Triple H got more cheers than Taker. I think everyone there wanted to see Sting too. LOL!