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TNA Impact Results - 2/24/11

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  • TNA Impact Results - 2/24/11

    TNA Impact Results
    February 24th, 2011

    Mr. Anderson's music hits and the former TNA Champion makes his way out to the ring with a chair in hand. Anderson puts the chair down in the middle of the ring and he sits down in it. He says that he doesn't care who's calling the shots in TNA now, whether it's Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, or the network because he's calling them right now. Anderson says in his contract it states he gets a rematch so he'll sit in the middle of the ring until he gets it if that's what it takes. He says he doesn't understand why Spike doesn't like him. He says he hears they don't like that word so he repeats it over and over. Anderson says if that's the case, Rob Van Dam isn't exactly a law abiding citizen. RVD's music then interrupts him.

    RVD comes out to the ring and grabs a microphone. RVD says he wants to make sure what Anderson just said and asks about the laws of morality. He says what about the code of ethics and honor that should have made Anderson do his job and stay out of the way while RVD got his title back. RVD says he understands that Anderson had huge plans in TNA and some of those would never come to fruition once RVD joined the roster. RVD says that bums Anderson out because he knows deep down inside who the better wrestler is. That's why Anderson wants RVD nowhere near the belt. RVD says Anderson is a force with the microphone in his hand but he is not Rob Van Dam. RVD says if he has the chance to screw Anderson over the way Anderson screwed him over he won't hesitate. Anderson says he was supposed to get that title shot and he doesn't care if RVD doesn't like him or if he thinks he's a better wrestler than Anderson. Anderson says all he cares about is getting what is rightfully his, a rematch for the TNA Title. Anderson says before they both do something they both regret...but RVD punches him in the mouth! RVD and Anderson brawl in the ring until security runs out and breaks them apart.

    Immortal's music hits and Eric Bischoff leads them out onto the ramp. Bischoff asks what is going on in the ring and it looks like to him possibly a Main Event. Bischoff says he was going to give Anderson his rematch and then RVD & Anderson start fighting again as Bischoff tells them to settle down. He says he was going to give Anderson his rematch until he saw the enthusiasm in Anderson tonight so instead of the rematch, we'll see Anderson vs. RVD tonight! Jeff Jarrett whispers something to Bischoff and he says that's a great idea. Bischoff says the Network wants ratings so he can't think of a better idea. Instead it will be Anderson vs. RVD vs. KURT ANGLE in a 3-Way Dance!

    In the back Scott Steiner picks up one of Storm's beers and says he's getting beer muscles, the whole time Eric Young is standing behind him posing. Steiner asks him what the hell he's doing and Young says he's been working out and starts posing. Steiner tells him looks terrible and screams at him to get out. Steiner tells him to go find his girlfriend Orlando Jordan.

    In the back the cameraman approaches Angle and asks him how he feels about the Jarrett segments. Angle says it was only a matter of time before the world saw Karen & Jeff for who they truly are but as far as giving Karen away on 3rd, he couldn't give her away quick enough. He says he'll give them a wedding they'll never forget, and as far as the match goes tonight no disrespect to RVD & Anderson but he's not in a good a mood.

    Gunner & Murphy vs. "Showtime" Eric Young & Orlando Jordan

    Beer Money come out to the announce table before the match gets started. Murphy goes after Young but Young ducks and Murphy stumbles down onto his knees right into Jordan. Young rolls him up! 1..2....NO Murphy kicks out! Gunner tags in and hits the ropes as Young starts hitting the ropes on the opposite side and both men start criss crossing the ropes several times before Gunner finally gets tired and stops and then Jordan slaps him. Young whips Gunner into the ropes again and then leapfrogs him and tries to Criss Cross the ropes again. This time Gunner catches himself and then shoves Jordan on the apron. Gunner taunts Jordan and Murphy attacks Young from behind. Gunner lays Young out and tags Murphy back in. Murphy puts Young in a chinlock and then covers him for a nearfall. Murphy locks in a Rear Chinlock again but Young fights to his feet and tries to break the hold with elbows but eats a knee. Murphy tosses Young into the corner and then tags Gunner back in. Gunner nails Young with a Forearm Smash and gets another nearfall. Gunner follows up with a Back Suplex but Young lands on his feet and connects with a Jawbreaker. Gunner stumbles into his corner Murphy tags himself in. Murphy goes for a clothesline but Young ducks and connects with a series of strikes and a Spinning Forearm. Gunner clotheslines Young from the outside and then Murphy clotheslines Jordan as he comes into the ring to attack him. Murphy tags Gunner back in and then he lifts Young up into the air and Gunner comes off the top with a Flying Elbow Drop at the same time! 1...2...3.

    Winners: Gunner & Murphy

    After the match Gunner & Murphy point up to Beer Money and Beer Money talks trash to them on commentary saying they'll get their shot next week.

    In the back Angelina Love tries to talk Velvet out of putting her career on the line against Sarita. Velvet asks Angelina what she would do in her situation but Angelina says she WAS in Velvet's position last year but she wasn't in the ring with Sarita either. Angelina says Sarita is crazy and now she has her little cousin too. Angelina says she'll cheat and do anything to win and Velvet says she needs to be alone.

    Devon comes out to the ring as we come back from commercial. Devon says he wants to come out tonight and make an apology to his sons, Terrence & Terrell. He says a father's worse dream is when he can't protect his own kids, and he couldn't protect his kids at Against All Odds when Bubba put his son through a table and kicking the other son in the face. Devon says those kids called Bubba their "uncle" and they loved him. He says he should have been there for his kids but he wasn't. He promises that it won't go unanswered but Bubba cuts it him off. He's on the big screen and he calls Devon a weak piece of crap. Bubba has some kid on the ground and is kicking him. Bubba asks Devon how his kids are doing and he says Devon let them down calling him a "sorry excuse for a father." Bubba says he's going to put one of Devon's "brothers" through a table right now. Bubba says "oh my brother testify" and then sets up for a Powerbomb through the table, but Tommy Dreamer shows up behind Bubba and attacks him!

    Dreamer beats Bully Ray out into the Impact Zone where Devon swings a chair at him, but Ray avoids it and runs away as security gets between Devon and Ray. Devon swings wildly and nails Dreamer in the face! Dreamer is down and Devon can't believe he just hit him. He thought he was swinging at security.

    In the back Rayne says she's sick of people saying she couldn't beat Mickie without Tara's help so she tells Tara to stay in the back regardless of who accepts her challenge. As Madison walks off Tara shakes her head.

    Magnus vs. Crimson

    Magnus grabs a microphone and says that he and Crimson are alike in a lot of ways. He says Crimson is ambitious and impressive, not quite as he is. He says Crimson has an impressive physique thoough he's no "Mag Daddy" but he still looks good. He says where they're different is he isn't carrying Kurt Angle's bags around like Crimson is. Crimson answers by clotheslining him. Crimson hits a Shortarm Back Elbow and then a big T-Bone Suplex! Crimson follows up with a Cravate and then some knees followed by a Neckbreaker. Magnus rolls to the apron but Crimson grabs him by the air only to get snapped over the top rope by Magnus. Magnus then hits a Big Boot followed by Mag Daddy Driver, but Crimson blocks it and then lifts Magnus up into the Red Alert. 1...2...3!

    Winner: Crimson

    In the back RVD says he's going to get Anderson back for hitting him with the Mic Check but he's focusing on getting a shot at his title again.

    Rob Terry comes out to the ring carrying some dumb bells. Terry says he doesn't know who Steiner thinks he is, but he is the future. He says he'll prove that he's the best built man in the history of wrestling. He says he's the real "genetic freak" of TNA. Steiner's music hits and he comes out to the ring dressed in a suit.

    Steiner says the best thing that could have happened to Terry is that Steiner comes to the ring in a good mood, but when Terry calls himself the genetic freak he just pissed him off. Steiner says there is only one Genetic Freak and it's Steiner. He tells Terry to come up with something original and something of his own. Steiner says he has a name for Terry, "Chernobyl" because when he looks at Terry he sees a couple of vitamins away from a chemical disaster. Steiner says the difference between him and Terry is over the last 20 years he EARNED the nickname, Terry comes from bodybuilding trying to make it in his world trying to take his name. Steiner says that won't happen and asks if Terry thought he was about to come out to the ring in some Speedos all oiled up like a "Chip & Dale" and asks Terry if he's out of his freaking mind. Steiner says he'll go the back and get his wrestling gear on and if Terry is still out there he'll kick his butt. Steiner leaves and Terry says that's typical of an American, to run with his tail between his legs when he sees someone stronger, bigger, and smarter. Steiner gets back into the ring and takes off his coat and then Terry attacks him with the dumbbell! Terry nails him with a clothesline and then chokes him with something choking Steiner out. Finally security runs out and pulls Terry off.

    In the back Velvet walks into the locker room where Winter is doing her hair. Velvet starts to leave but Winter stops and says it's time to let bygones be bygones. Winter says she hears people talking and doubting Velvet's abilities but she's not one of them. Winter says she would like to see Velvet go out to the ring and prove herself like the time she and Angelina won the Tag Team Championships. Velvet says that's enough and when she's done with Sarita she's coming for Winter. As Velvet walks away Winter smiles.

    Ric Flair makes his way out to the ring dressed in a suit. Flair says it's hard to be humble when you are the Nature Boy and GOD! Flair says before he slides out of his custom made Armani and puts on his wrestling gear, he wants AJ Styles to come out to the ring right now. Flair says he saw AJ all day but AJ avoided him and that don't work for GOD. Flair tells AJ he'll give him one more chance to come out to the ring, get on his knees, and apologize to GOD. AJ's music hits and the Phenomenal One makes his way out to the ring.

    Flair says now AJ is all choked up and has nothing to say now that he's in the ring with GOD! AJ says he was avoiding Flair today because every fiber in his body wanting to beat Flair and peel his head like an onion. He says he wouldn't let Flair get to him because then Flair wins. AJ says he knows that's the game and how it's played. Flair says the game is when Nature Boy is not in town Fortune don't move. AJ says there was a reason they didn't tell Flair what they were planning and that reason is because Flair would have tried to stop it from happening. Flair says he would've stopped them because he was trying to take them on a path of greatness, and very few people get to walk that path. He says he tried to teach AJ how to be a man and about being a champion but now he'll teach him about respect and then slaps him! AJ attacks Flair and beats the him until HERNANDEZ comes out of nowhere and jumps AJ! Hernandez slams AJ into the corner and then Biel Throws him across the ring! Hernandez checks on Flair and then charges at AJ, but AJ backdrops Hernandez over the top down to the floor! AJ then jumps back on Flair and beats him until Hernandez again grabs AJ and slams him down to the mat and then holds AJ as Flair swings a shoe at AJ, but AJ mule kicks Hernandez and then low blows Flair! AJ then nails Hernandez with the Pele knocking him out of the ring! AJ slams Flair into the guardrail as they roll out to the floor! Flair is busted open now. Flair rolls back into the ring and AJ continues to beat him and again Hernandez comes in and kicks AJ out of the ring. Hernandez picks AJ up and Press Slams him onto the ring apron! Flair screams at Hernandez to toss him back in the ring. Hernandez starts to get back in the ring but AJ dropkicks him and then hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Hernandez on the floor! AJ stares at Flair and Flair begs him off! AJ grabs him and sets up for Styles Clash but again Hernandez attacks him and this time hits a Shoulder Block. Hernandez and Flair take turns beating on AJ now. Finally Beer Money & Kazarian run out to chase Hernandez & Flair off. Matt Morgan attacks Hernandez from behind now! Morgan beats Hernandez into the crowd! Morgan beats Hernandez all the way to the back slamming him into walls. Morgan tells him that they're not done.

    In the ring Fortune hold up the Fortune symbol in the ring.

    In the back Anderson says he's focused on getting past the stuff that Bischoff has been feeding him the last several months, and he'll overcome it. He says he doesn't care about anybody else right now, all he cares about right now is the one thing he's in Wrestling for: the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Madison Rayne comes out for her Special Challenge which is now Non-Title. Madison gets on the mic and says that everytime TNA Management has given her an opponent she has taken great pleasure in knocking them out from Angelina Love to Velvet Sky to Mickie James. Madison says she's getting bored beating everyone which is why she issued the Open Challenge to any woman willing to come into the Queens Court. She says her first challenger is waiting in the back. Her challenger is...former Knockouts Champion: ODB!

    Non-Title Open Challenge
    Madison Rayne vs. ODB

    ODB jumps Madison as she gets in the ring and drinks from her flask! ODB follows up with a Scoop Slam and then slams Madison into the corner and lights her up with a chop! ODB follows up with another chop. ODB stomps on Madison and then goes for the Bronco Buster, but Madison rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Madison mocks ODB and then starts beating on ODB and pulling her hair. ODB goes for a clothesline but Madison ducks and then hits a Backstabber! Madison taunts ODB and ODB kicks her in the head. ODB punches Madison and then follows up with a big right hand. ODB hits a few more right hands and then a Running Shoulder Block followed by another one. ODB hits a third one and then she hits the Fall Away Slam! ODB hits the Bronco Buster and follows up with the TKO attempt, but Madison blocks it with several stiff knees to the face. Madison then follows up with the Rayne Drop! 1...2...3!

    Winner: Madison Rayne

    In the back Velvet says she's tired of people talking crap to her and she wants this documenting and tells the cameraman to follow her into Sarita's locker room. Rosita gets in Velvet's face but Sarita holds her back as Velvet says this has nothing to do with her. Sarita asks if Velvet came to wave the white flag but Velvet says the opposite, she accepts Sarita's challenge! Velvet says one-on-one without Rosita. Sarita says she's impressed with her and because of that she gives Sarita's word that she won't pull any tricks and it will be a straight up wrestling match. They shake hands and Velvet walks off. Sarita and Rosita bust out laughing as Velvet walks off.

    Matt Morgan says he just dealt with Hernandez and he says Hernandez knows what the Title means to him which is why he screwed him in that match. Morgan says Hernandez took his dream away from him. Morgan says on March 3rd he'll give Hernandez a North Carolina Whooping.

    Three-Way Dance
    "Whole F'N Show" Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

    All three men circle each other and then Angle goes after his former foe, Anderson. Angle & RVD double team Anderson in the early going. They take turns punching and kicking Anderson and then they both whip Anderson into the ropes and Double Backdrop him. Angle and RVD Double Vertical Suplex Anderson now. RVD hits Anderson with a series of Shoulder Blocks in the corner and then Angle goes for a Running Shoulder Block, but Anderson moves out of the way and Angle hits the ring post hard and crashes down to the floor. RVD whips Anderson into the opposite corner and then hits a Rolling Monkey Flip. RVD follows up with a Running Spinning Heel Kick in the corner. Angle comes back in and clotheslines Anderson but then eats a clothesline from RVD. RVD then hits a Rolling Thunder on Angle as Anderson rolls out of the ring. Anderson comes back in and stomps on RVD. Anderson attempts to whip RVD into the ropes but RVD reverses it and goes for a clothesline. Anderson catches RVD's arm and counters into a Swinging Neckbreaker. 1...2...NO Angle breaks it up! Angle follows up with a Snap Suplex and then Angle beats on Anderson in the corner. Angle attempts to whip Anderson into the opposite corner but Anderson reverses it. Anderson charges at Angle but he gets his boot up and then clotheslines Anderson. Anderson rolls out of the ring and RVD comes in. RVD and Angle stand face-to-face and then they lockup. Angle gets RVD in a side headlock but RVD shoves Angle into the ropes only to eat a big shoulder block from Angle. Angle hits the ropes and Anderson pulls the top rope down causing Angle to go flying over the top down to the floor. Anderson charges back into the ring but eats a Spinning Heel Kick from RVD. RVD follows up with a Corkscrew Leg Drop for a two count. RVD then hits Anderson with a forearm and then whips him into the ropes where Angle trips him and then drags him down to the floor. Angle & Anderson trade punches on the floor and RVD comes from out of nowhere with a Slingshot Somersault Plancha onto both men!

    Back from commercials Angle whips RVD into the ropes and then goes for a Backdrop, but RVD backflips over him and connects with a Spinning Heel Kick! RVD then attempts another Rolling Monkey Flip, but Angle blocks it and puts RVD up on the top rope. RVD kicks Angle away and then sets up for a top rope move but gets tangled up in the ropes for a split second before connecting with the Springboard Flying Back Kick. RVD follows up with a Standing Moonsault, 1...2...NO Angle kicks out! RVD whips Angle into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Angle stops and kicks RVD. Angle then charges at RVD but RVD backdrops him over the top rope down the floor! Anderson comes back in and attacks RVD from behind. Anderson hits a Back Suplex on RVD and then he follows up with a Knee Drop for a nearfall of his own. Anderson puts RVD in a Keylock and then he transitions into an Armlock on the other arm. RVD fights to his feet and breaks the hold with punches only to get cut off by Anderson. Anderson tries to throw RVD into the corner but RVD blocks it with his foot and then kicks Anderson in the face! RVD follows up with the Springboard Flying Back Kick! Angle rolls back into the ring and clotheslines both RVD & Anderson repeatedly. Angle whips RVD into the corner and charges but RVD gets his boot up only to eat a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex from Angle! Angle then hits the Rolling German Suplexes on Anderson! He connects with 3 and then he ducks a clothesline from RVD and hits a 4th German on RVD! Angle grabs Anderson and hits the Angle Slam! Angle is on fire as he pulls the straps down but he turns around right into a Superkick from RVD! RVD springs to the top but Angle quickly leaps up and hits a Belly-to-Belly Superplex that sends RVD all the way out to the floor! Anderson grabs Angle as he gets up and attempts to the Mic Check, but Angle blocks it with back elbows and connects with a T-Bone Suplex! Angle grabs Anderson's ankle and goes for the Ankle Lock but wedding music starts playing and Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett walk out distracting Angle. Angle stares at them as they start kissing. Anderson grabs Angle, turns him around, and hits the Mic Check! 1...2...3!

    Winner: Mr. Anderson

    A video is shown in a dark that has rain coming down as someone walks up some stairs and then we see 3.3.11 come on the screen before it shows the person.