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WWE Smackdown Results - 3/11/11

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  • WWE Smackdown Results - 3/11/11

    WWE Smackdown Results
    March 11th, 2011

    Edge comes to the ring to open Smackdown. Edge looks at the Wrestlemania sign and tells Alberto twenty-three days. In twenty-three days they will meet for the World Title at Wrestlemania. He says that a little blood and a busted nose is not going to stop him. He asks Alberto if he knows who he is and what he had to get through to get here. Edge says that he is not looking for a match, he wants a fight. Edge tells Alberto that he is not giving him a choice or an option.

    If he does not come out, he will find him. Edge says that he does not care if it is a parking lot, a hotel room, or a bingo hall . . . he will find Alberto. He wants to make sure that Alberto understands.

    Alberto’s music plays and he is accompanied by Brodus Clay. Alberto asks Edge who does he think he is to call him out. He wants to know if Edge knows who he is.

    Edge says that he is a Ricky Martin look alike who is trying to reform Menudo with King Hippo. He tells Alberto that he is a cocky, egotistical, arrogant coward.

    Alberto says that he is the man who sends Edge home every week in pain. He is Alberto Del Rio and he is with Brodus Clay. Alberto says that he is the man who is going to replace Edge’s legacy with his destiny.

    Alberto and Brodus enter the ring and we have a stare down before Alberto says that he will become the new World Champion at Wrestlemania.

    Edge punches Del Rio but Clay hits him with a clothesline. Alberto punches Edge and hits him with his scarf. Clay sends Edge’s shoulder into the ring post.

    Christian’s music plays and he comes to the ring and he punches Clay and then he takes Del Rio down. Clay with a running shoulder to Christian. Del Rio punches Edge while Clay punches Christian.

    Referees come to the ring and then Teddy Long’s music plays and he comes out. Teddy says that after last week’s contract signing and what just happened, it appears that they still have some issues. Tonight will be one of the most historic nights in the history of Smackdown. Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio will face one of the greatest tag teams ever, reunited for the first time in ten years, Edge and Christian.

    Wade Barrett comes out and he tells Kane that he has made a couple of monumental mistakes. First, he did not appreciate what the Corre did for him. Then he had the audacity to put his hands on Justin Gabriel. He says that Kane is just a great big chemical experiment mistake.

    Match Number One: Kane versus Wade Barrett

    Barrett with a kick and punches to Kane followed by more kicks in the corner. Barrett is warned by the referee but he continues to kick Kane. Kane with an uppercut and the momentum shifts. Kane with punches followed by an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Kane sends Barrett into the turnbuckles and just as Booker comments that maybe Corre needs to get involved, they come to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Kane

    As Corre comes to the ring, Kane takes care of Gabriel and Slater but Jackson with a clothesline that takes Kane to the mat. They quadruple team Kane until they see Big Show coming to the ring with a chair. Corre runs away and we go to commercial.

    We are back and it appears that a tag match has been set up by Teddy Long.

    Match Number Two: Big Show and Kane versus Heath Slater and Wade Barrett

    Show with a forearm to Slater’s back followed by a head butt and a chop in the corner. Show with a slam to Slater and Barrett tags in. Show with forearms to the back and then he punches Barrett in the corner. The referee warns Show so Show changes to a chop. Show puts Barrett in the other corner and he chops Barrett. Show with a running clothesline into the corner and then he grabs Barrett by the throat but Wade escapes the choke slam and Barrett clips Show. Barrett with a series of running boots to the head and Show is on the mat. Barrett with kicks and punches to Show and Slater is tagged back in. Heath punches Show and gets a near fall but Show with an emphatic kick out.

    Slater with a reverse chin lock on Show. Show gets to his feet and hits a side slam on Slater to get him out of the hold. Show makes the tag to Kane and Kane goes up top and hits the clothesline and sends Slater into the turnbuckles. Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline followed by a side slam. Kane knocks Barrett off the apron and then he hits Slater with a big boot.

    Kane sets for the choke slam but Gabriel and Jackson come to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winners: Kane and Big Show

    Corre attacks Kane and Big Show is still on the floor watching the attack. Show goes to get a chair and Corre stops their attack on Kane. Show’s first target is Ezekiel Jackson who gets a chair to the back. Show tosses the chair to Barrett and Wade catches it so Show punches the chair and Barrett goes down. Gabriel and Slater leave the ring before Show can do anything to them.

    Show hits Kane in the back with the chair for his actions last week.

    Cody Rhodes comes out and he tries to hide his face from his mirror on the TitanTron as well as the fans.

    Match Number Three: Cody Rhodes versus JTG

    Cody punches and kicks JTG but JTG with a shoulder and punch. Rhodes sends JTG into the turnbuckles and then Rhodes with a punch and head butts. JTG appears to be out. Cody hits CrossRhodes for the three count.

    Winner: Cody Rhodes

    Michael Cole is in the ring and thanks Cena for joining him on his show tonight. He says that the WWE Universe is buzzing about what happened on Raw. We go to the video tape of Miz attacking John Cena and some of Miz’s comments and the AWESOME Elbow.

    Cena looks at the Wrestlemania sign before Cole’s first question. Cena takes the mic from Cole and he says that he heard it was going to be the interview of the year. He says that if it is, he wants Cole to turn around and crawl back into the hole he got puked out of.

    Cena congratulates Miz for getting one by him. Cena says that he put all of his time and focus into something that doesn’t exist. Miz just made the biggest mistake of his career. Cena says that he has been so caught up in the war of words and was on the edge of his seat like everyone else, but Miz stayed under the radar, stay forgotten about, and then he could cruise into Wrestlemania and maybe have a chance of winning.

    Cena says that he is here tonight and he is done dealing with this. If Miz wants to be must see tv and make a statement about being the new face of the WWE? Cena says that his focus has shifted to one new goal. That goal is breaking the face of the WWE.

    Cena gives the mic back to Cole and he starts to leave the ring but Cole wants Cena’s attention because he is not finished with his interview.

    Cole asks Cena if he thinks that he is underestimating the Miz. Cole says that maybe Cena is scared that he is going to blow his opportunity at Wrestlemania. Cole says that he isn’t asking Cena to rap to him. He just wants him to answer the question. Maybe Cena can’t answer because Miz shut him up on Monday night.

    Cena then approaches Cole who starts to backpedal. Cena grabs Cole by the throat and Jack Swagger comes to the ring. Swagger takes Cena down and he tries to put Cena in the ankle lock but Cena is able to roll through and get away from Swagger. Swagger with forearms to Cena as well as punches. While this is going on, Cole wants Swagger to teach Cena a lesson for dissing him. Cole tells Swagger to ‘put the lock on and teach him about respect’. Swagger tries to put Cena in the ankle lock but Cena gets on his back and he kicks Swagger out of the ring.

    Cena gets back to his feet and he goes after Cole again. Cena gets Cole up for the Attitude Adjustment but Swagger pulls Cole off Cena’s shoulders. Cena is able to give Swagger an Attitude Adjustment.

    Match Number Four: Layla with Michelle McCool versus Kaitlyn

    They lock up and Kaitlyn pushes Layla to the mat and Layla holds on to the ropes to avoid Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn drops Layla on her back. Layla tries to talk to Michelle but Kaitlyn pulls Layla back into the ring. Michelle gets on the apron and Kaitlyn almost pulls her into the ring but she remembers that she is wrestling Layla. Layla with a kick followed by the Lay Out for the three count.

    Winner: Layla

    After the match, they put Kaitlyn in the corner and Michelle with a running knee to the back.

    Match Number Five: Rey Mysterio versus Drew McIntyre

    Drew with a boot to Rey and then he punches Rey and kicks him in the head. Drew with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Drew stretches Rey as he works on the back. Rey with kicks but Drew with kicks of his own as he stays in the corner. Drew with an Irish whip but Rey floats over. Rey sends Drew into the ropes with a head scissors but Drew is able to get up before Rey can hit the 619. Rey senses that Drew is going to get out of the way, he slides to the floor as well. Drew charges at Rey and Rey with a drop toe hold that sends Drew into the apron.

    Rey kicks Drew in the leg but Drew sends Rey into the ring post when they battle on the apron. Drew uses the apron for a back breaker. Drew tells the announcers that he is going to Wrestlemania and he is going to cripple everyone.

    We are back and Drew puts Rey in a bow and arrow while Drew keeps his shoulders off the mat. Rey is able to escape and he turns it into a lateral press and he gets a near fall. Drew returns to the back with forearms and then he punches Rey in the back of the head while the referee warns Drew. Drew with a hard Irish whip and Rey goes down hard and Drew gets a near fall.

    Drew puts Rey on top and he tries for a suplex or Future Shock DDT from the turnbuckles but Rey knocks Drew off and then he hits a seated splash. Rey tries for a springboard cross body but Drew moves out of the way. Drew rolls Rey up but he can only get a near fall. Drew with an Irish whip but Rey moves out of the way and Drew goes shoulder first into the post. Rey with a kick to Drew and then he hits a 619 followed by a dive from the turnbuckles for the three count.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio

    After the match, Cody Rhodes comes out and he applauds Rey’s victory. Cody tells Rey that he is still waiting for his answer. Cody does his best to get out of the lights to hide his face.

    Rey asks Cody what’s the matter because his daddy ain’t here to conspire against him. Rey tells Cody that he wore his mask with pride before Cody pulled it off his face. Rey says that he wears his mask with pride right now. Rey says that he will wear his mask with pride when he beats Cody down at Wrestlemania.

    Hunter is in the ring to talk about Taker. He says that the Undertaker was gracious enough on Monday night to remind him what he can do in the ring. Hunter says for the last two years, he has seen the two greatest matches at Wrestlemania and they were the two matches involving Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. Unfortunately for Shawn, he lost both matches. Hunter says that he doesn’t know why because Shawn is one of the greatest performers of all time but he could not get it done.

    Hunter says that he found out on Monday night when Shawn said that he could not separate the emotion from the matches. He says that Shawn talked about being overwhelmed by the emotion of standing in front of the mountain that is the legacy of the Undertaker. That was Shawn’s Achilles’ Heel. Shawn went into those matches not trying to win, but not to lose.

    Hunter says that Shawn pointed out that he has a dark side so Hunter says that he won’t have to deal with the emotion of the match. Hunter says that he has a side that makes him downright mean, vicious, and brutal. A dark side that allows him to do unthinkable things to anyone at any time without any regret, emotion, or remorse.

    Hunter says that sounds like a horrible person, but Hunter says that it is true. He will stand in the ring on the grandest stage of them all in the biggest match of his life looking across the ring into the eyes of the greatest legend there has ever been or will ever be in this business.

    He says that he will do what no man has ever been able to do before. At Wrestlemania, he will beat the Undertaker.

    Hunter says that he will have no emotion and he will not care about the legacy standing in front of him. He will not blink or hesitate in the match. He will not become unglued by things that go bump in the night.

    Hunter thanks the Undertaker for making this match No Holds Barred.

    Christian is in the locker room getting ready for his match and Matt Striker stops by to get some comments from Christian about reforming his tag team with Edge. Christian points out that it has been ten years. A lot of things can happen in ten years. Christian runs down all of the technological breakthroughs that we have seen in that time. Christian says that we haven’t seen the two guys who started this decade off right. We haven’t seen the two guys who reeked of awesomeness. That was then and this is now. He tells Alberto Del Rio and Houston . . . we have a problem.

    Match Number Six: Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Edge and Christian

    Clay and Christian start things off and Christian with punches to Clay and then he goes after Del Rio. Christian with a kick and punch to Clay as he avoids the big man until Clay can send him into the turnbuckles. Clay misses a charge into the corner and Christian goes to the turnbuckles for a tornado DDT, but Del Rio distracts Christian and Clay is able to connect with a shoulder to stop Christian.

    Clay punches Christian and then he hits a t-bone suplex. Christian goes to the floor and Edge goes to check on him. The referee sends Edge back to his corner and Del Rio sends Christian into the ringside barrier. Edge chases Del Rio around the ring and Alberto jumps into the crowd to avoid Edge.

    Clay brings Christian back into the ring and Clay hits an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Clay with a slam and then he tags in Del Rio who kicks Christian in the ribs and he gets a near fall. Del Rio punches Christian and the referee warns him. Del Rio with an arm bar on Christian but Christian gets to his feet and he punches Del Rio. Del Rio stops Christian with kicks and forearms and then he kicks Christian while he is in the ropes and Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio takes the tape on Christian’s injured shoulder and he wraps it around the rope.

    Del Rio puts Christian on the turnbuckles, but Christian with punches and a kick. Christian with a back elbow off the turnbuckles and both men are down. Both men struggle to make the tag. Clay tags in and so does Edge. Edge with a clothesline followed by a cross body but Clay catches Edge and he hits a power slam but Edge kicks out. Clay with an Irish whip but Clay charges and is sent into the turnbuckles with a drop toe hold. Edge knocks Del Rio off the apron.

    Edge pulls at the hair and he sets for the spear but he runs into a shoulder from Clay. Clay pulls Edge into the corner for a running butt splash but Clay misses when Edge moves out of the way. Del Rio interferes with a shot to the back but Christian comes in to take care of Del Rio. Del Rio with a knee and then he sends Christian into the corner. Del Rio charges at Christian but Christian back body drops Del Rio to the floor. Clay charges into boots from Christian and then Christian with a tornado DDT and Edge hits an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle for the three count.

    Winners: Edge and Christian

    We go to credits with Edge and Christian celebrating in the ring.

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    Sooooo boring, except for Cody Rhodes, he was a winner
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      Only highlight was seeing Edge and Christian tag again.