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TNA Impact Results - 4/21/11

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  • TNA Impact Results - 4/21/11

    TNA Impact Results
    April 21st, 2011

    AJ Styles' music hits and AJ descends down from the rafters right into the Steel Cage that is set up in the ring! Weapons are also all over the cage as well. AJ says, "I'm back!" and he says Bully Ray thought he ended AJ's career but he was dead wrong and he says Ray should have seen his face when AJ showed up at Lockdown. AJ says he came to Lockdown for one reason and that reason was to peel Ray's head like an onion and take him out. He says Ray wasn't wheeled out to the hospital and AJ SHOULD have left Ray just like Ray left him, and that's why he's here tonight. AJ says they've got the cage up and all the weapons sprinkled around so that Bully Ray for once in his life can walk out to the ring, man up, and just face him like a man.

    Bully Ray's music finally hits and walks out onto the stage. Ray asks if AJ is serious and he asks AJ if he knows who he is and who he's talking to. Ray says he IS the man that put AJ in the hospital for a month. Ray says he's the man that Powerbombed AJ off the stage through a table. Ray says he's the man that could come into that ring and beat AJ so bad he would never wrestle again. AJ dares him to get in the ring but Ray says he's a man and AJ is a boy, Ray is a warrior and AJ is a nobody. Ray says if he comes down to the ring he won't be so gentle with AJ this time and take it easy on him like he did last time. Ray says this time he'll Powerbomb him onto the concrete and split his head open and then he'll go to AJ's house and take care of AJ's wife and kids. AJ loses it and starts screaming at Ray daring him to get in the ring. Ray says taking care of AJ's wife and kids doesn't sound like such a bad idea and runs down to the ring, but he stops before he gets in the cage. Ray says that's exactly what AJ wants but he has nothing left to prove to AJ. Ray says he could take AJ "out like that." He says he's taken AJ's pride and he'll take care of AJ again on his own time and then tells him to go to hell. As Ray turns around Daniels blasts him! Daniels tosses Ray into the ring!

    Daniels locks the cage door and AJ starts blasting Ray with right hands! AJ tosses Ray into the cage wall repeatedly! Ray shoves AJ away and goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hits the Pele! AJ picks up a trashcan and nails Ray with it! On the outside Gunner and Daniels start brawling! They brawl all the way up the ramp and down the tunnel. In the ring AJ sets up a table and slams Ray's head into it and then lays him out across it. AJ climbs up top but doesn't stop there and climbs up to the top of the damn cage! AJ sets up for something off the top of the cage but Ray rolls off the table and runs out the cage door before AJ could hit anything. AJ stands on top of the cage and points down at Ray while Ray crawls up the ramp.

    Rob Terry & Murphy walk out to the ring and get inside the cage. Terry says if AJ wants to play games, Immortals can play games too. He says that Beer Money may have won their match at Lockdown, but tonight he and Murphy have something to prove to Hulk Hogan. Terry says they are going to get payback for what Roode did to Flair. Terry says payback starts right now and that payback will be taking those shiny belts off of Beer Money!

    Beer Money's music hits and the Tag Team Champions make their way onto the stage. Roode asks if he heard Terry correctly, that they have just called Beer Money out and they want a shot at the Tag Titles inside the Cage. Terry says right now and Roode says they should ask the fans. The fans cheer and Roode says what the fans want Beer Money gives.

    TNA World Tag Team Championships Steel Cage Match
    Beer Money Inc. vs. Rob Terry & Murphy

    Terry and Murphy are double teaming Roode in their corner. Terry picks Roode up and hits a Front Slam for a nearfall. Terry tags in Murphy and they whip Roode into the ropes and nail him with a Double Shoulder Block. Murphy covers Roode and gets another nearfall. Murphy shoves Roode into the ropes and thrusts a forearm into Roode's back and then he does it a second time. Murphy tosses Roode into the corner and then tags Terry back in. Terry grabs Roode by the hair and then tosses him into the cage and follows up with a clothesline for another nearfall. Terry tags in Murphy again and Murphy puts the boots to Roode. Murphy taunts Roode and starts slapping him in the corner and then he whips Roode into the opposite corner, but Roode explodes out of the corner with a clothesline! The fans get behind Roode and he tags in Storm while Murphy tags in Terry. Storm connects with a series of rights on Terry and then he nails Murphy with a big right hand! Storm connects with a Flying Forearm on Terry in the corner and then he hits a Codebreaker on Murphy! Storm then ducks a clothesline from Terry and back kicks him in the gut. Terry falls to his knees and then Storm DDTs Terry as Terry was still on his knees! 1...2...NO Terry kicks out! Storm attempts to whip Terry into the corner but Terry reverses it. Terry then goes to charge at Storm but Roode catches him with the Double-R Spinebuster! Murphy tries to clothesline Roode but he ducks and Murphy runs right into the Last Call from Storm! Beer Money then hit the Beer Money Double Suplex! Beer Money grabs Terry and hit the DWI! 1...2...3!

    Winners: Beer Money

    Hogan's music hits and he walks out to the ring, lead pipe in hand. Hogan says the guy running the show is standing in the ring. He says he calls the shots and demands RVD come to the ring. RVD's music immediately hits and RVD makes his way out to the ring.

    Hogan says everyone in the building knows that RVD is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but at Lockdown RVD blew his shot at joining Immortal. He says RVD just like Anderson made the mistake of his life and he'll pay for it. RVD asks Hogan if he remembers back in the day, before he was such a heel, when all the boys showed him respect for carrying wrestling on his back. RVD says that he then turned that back on everyone for ratings and now everyone just wishes he'd get the hell out of the business. RVD says he may have not climbed the mountains that Hulk Hogan did, but everything he accomplished he did it with respect. RVD says 1) he's a standup guy and 2) he's "freaking amazing in the ring." RVD goes super shoot on Hogan by saying "a wrestler can't make a living in the ring just doing a Leg Drop now Hulky." He says things have changed but RVD then throws the mic at Hogan! Hogan says RVD is on borrowed time and he mocks what RVD has done in the ring. Hogan says RVD has always been the big fish in a little pond or the little fish in a big pond. He says RVD's career has been mediocre and without Hogan, RVD will always be a midcarder. Sting's music interrupts him!

    The World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out to the ring. Hogan says no one invited him out here but Sting says he invited himself. Sting asks if he really just heard Hogan say RVD is a midcard wrestler and mediocre at best. Sting asks if he really just heard Hogan say RVD isn't a Main Eventer. Sting says that might be hard for everyone to digest because RVD WILL be in the Main Event at Sacrifice against Sting for the belt! Hogan asks if Sting is "high too" and wants to know if he's been smoking the same stuff that RVD has. Hogan says if he has he wants some too because he wants to be delusional too. Sting says he's not delusional because when he came back to TNA he knew that Spike TV put in his contract that if Sting were to win the TNA World Title again then he would not only have the privilege but also the right to choose his opponents! He says he's choosing Rob Van Dam for Sacrifice. Hogan says Sting and Spike are floating on a cloud but the network doesn't have the guts to get in his face because he runs the show in TNA. Sting says the execs may not be here right now but they WILL be and if he wants to say something to them to their faces then he will. Hogan says since they aren't here now then he'll say something to Sting. Hogan says if RVD wants to get to Sacrifice then he has a big problem because tonight the guy that filleted RVD like a fish last year, Abyss, is going to be facing RVD TONIGHT and Hogan will be in Abyss' corner! Hogan says Sting also has a big problem because Sting will face the man with the biggest chip on his shoulder in TNA, Matt Hardy! Hogan says Hardy is going to drop the bomb on Sting for what Sting did to his brother.

    In the back Kurt is looking for Karen & Jeff and they tell him about the horse and carriage and he walks away.

    Madison Rayne shoves Tara out of the way and Madison says it was Tara's fault that Madison lost her belt to Mickie. She asks how she knows that Tara and Mickie weren't in cahoots the whole time. Tara says it was Madison locked in the cage one-on-one with Mickie and Madison asks where Tara was during the match. Tara reminds Madison that she told her to stay backstage during the match. Madison screams at Tara and tells her the only way Tara may be able to get back in her good graces is if they win the KO Tag Titles tonight. She says anything less than that is unacceptable.

    Angle bumps into Eric Young in the parking lot and Kurt asks where Karen & Jeff are. Young says if they're going to be Tag Team Champions than Kurt has to relax a little bit. Young pets the two horses and says he's been hanging out with Mongo and Sid, the two best Horsemen of all time. Angle isn't amused by Young. Young is feeding the horses beans and Angle says if he feeds them beans then they'll crap all over the place. Angle tells Young to go get buckets for them or they'll do it all over the place. As Young walks away Angle says buckets and then laughs.

    TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
    Rosita & Sarita vs. Madison Rayne & Tara

    Rosita hits a Diving Hurricanrana on Tara. Tara tries to tag in Madison but Madison turns her back on her. Tara then slaps her on the back forcefully tagging her. Sarita tags in and as Tara and Madison argue Sarita shoves Madison and then nails her with a Back Suplex. Sarita then dropskicks Madison into the corner and puts the boots to her. Sarita attempts to whip Madison into the opposite corner but Madison reverses it. Madison then charges at Sarita but Sarita gets her boots up. Madison catches Sarita's feet and then hangs Sarita up in the ropes and slams her to the mat by the hair. Madison follows up with a Big Boot and then she trash talks Rosita. Madison starts screaming at Tara. Hernandez & Anarquia distract the referee as Rosita gets into the ring and shoves Madison into a Lariat from Sarita! 1...2...3 and Tara just watched the pin rather than breaking it up.

    Winners: Sarita & Rosita

    After the match Madison and Tara argue some more and Tara walks away from Madison.

    Karen & Jeff Jarrett make their way out to the ring. Jeff says Karen's actions from this past Sunday truly brought a tear to his "masculine baby blue eyes." Karen says for her risking herself to help him was an act of selflessness and true love so tonight he wants to share with the entire world that true love. He says the King of the Mountain is going to officially coronate his bride, the Queen of the Mountain. Jeff says he would like for everyone in the Impact Zone and everybody at home to stand up and salute as he proudly announces for the very first time the Queen of the Mountain. He then picks up the crown and puts it on Karen's head. Some royal sounding music hits and she starts waving to the crowd as she stands. Suddenly something falls from the ceiling on top of Karen! Karen gets COVERED in it! Jeff doesn't seem too interested in helping her and just throws her a scarf as she begs for help. Karen starts screaming. Kurt Angle comes into the ring as Jeff begs him off and reminds Kurt of his ribs. Kurt laughs as he looks at Karen. Kurt grabs Jeff and Angle Slams him onto the throne! Kurt picks up the microphone and says if Karen thinks she's in a world of hurt now, wait till she sees what he has planned for her next. Kurt says he would never lay a hand on the mother of his children, but he knows someone that will. He says you can call her Ms. Angle but it's strictly business and she's all about pain and she can't wait to meet Karen. Kurt says one last thing, you may want to get that crap off your face before you leave tonight." Kurt laughs at Karen as she screams in anger while he walks up the ramp.

    In the back Hogan is pumping Abyss up and then Hogan notices Anderson in the distance and he tells Abyss to back up behind a wall. Hogan then approaches Anderson and says he has something for him and shows him the pipe. He says he needs a word with Anderson. Hogan asks Anderson if he would happen to know what exec that Sting is talking about. Hogan says Anderson blew his chance to be a part of Lockdown and Anderson mocks Hogan saying that he's been getting screwed over week after week by not only Hogan but by the Network so he has to be joking. Hogan says he cannot stand being in the same room with Anderson and if this would have been 8 back surgeries ago this would have ended completely different for Anderson. Anderson dares Hogan to hit him but Hogan says it's on his time. Anderson says he's tired of Hogan's idle threats and he's bored with him. He says he must go be himself to someone else and walks away. Hogan then walks back over to Abyss and he tells it's not Anderson's time yet, but now it's RVD's.

    Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss

    RVD attacks Abyss as he gets in the ring. Abyss shoves RVD and then goes for a clothesline, but RVD ducks and then connects with a Springboard Back Kick. RVD hits a Corkscrew Leg Drop and then he set up for Rolling Thunder but Hogan grabbed RVD's leg. Abyss gets to his feet and nails RVD with a Big Boot as he turns around. Abyss picks RVD and connects with a series of right hands on RVD in the corner. Abyss then connects with a Corner Splash on RVD and then he locks RVD in a Headlock. RVD tries to break the hold but Abyss cuts him off and then shoves him into the corner. Abyss charges but RVD gets a foot up. Abyss grabs the foot and swats it away and then attempts a clothesline, but RVD ducks and connects with a Back Heel Kick and then a front kick. Both men are down now. RVD gets to his feet and connects with Rolling Thunder! RVD springs to the top and dives off with the Flying Back Kick! Hogan swings the pipe at RVD's legs but he side steps it and climbs out to the floor and gets in Hogan's face. The referee gets between them and actually tries to kick Hogan from ringside. Hogan tells him that he runs the show. As they were arguing Hogan tossed the pipe into Abyss and Abyss blasts RVD with it! Abyss then hits the Black Hole Slam! 1....2...3!

    Winner: Abyss

    After the match Abyss continues to beat RVD down and then he holds RVD as Hogan gets ready to hit RVD with the pipe, but Crimson's music hits and he charges to the ring. Abyss swings the pipe at Crimson but he ducks and connects a big Spear on Abyss!

    In the back Sting says he's first in line in fighting to get Jeff Hardy back in TNA but Hogan is so flustered because Spike put one over on him. He mocks Hogan making him do what he does for a living, WRESTLE. Sting says he's going to show up and wrestle because it's going to be SHOWTIME!

    In the back Matt Hardy is holding Jeff Hardy's custom World Title Belt and he says that it meant the world to Jeff, but Sting just threw it on the ground like it was a piece of crap and it meant nothing. Hardy says tonight he will take Sting's World Title from him and tonight he will destroy everything Sting is.

    Matt Morgan comes out to the ring. Morgan says he put an exclamation point at the end of his feud with Hernandez and with that behind him its time he gets back on track to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. Morgan says since everyone is just handing out World Title opportunities, Blueprint needs to be #1 on the list of contenders. He says the waiting game for him is stale and he's sick of waiting for his time to come. He says his time is now and if he doesn't get it then he'll take it! Scott Steiner's music interrupts Morgan!

    Steiner walks out to the ring and says everyday that he wakes up he wakes up in a good mood but something happens and it never fails and something pisses him off. He says Morgan claims to be the DNA of TNA, but he says if he had Morgan's genetics then he'd shoot himself. He takes that back and he says he'd kill himself and then hang himself. Steiner says Morgan will never have arms as big as him, never be as ripped as Steiner, and that's because Morgan is what he is and he'll never be Steiner. Steiner says another thing that pisses him off is Morgan says he deserves a World Title shot. Morgan says that's right and Steiner says he's a disrespecting piece of garbage. Morgan tells Steiner to get the bass out of his voice but Steiner says the line for World Title shots starts behind him. He says he's been a World Champion and he's beaten guys better, bigger, and stronger than Morgan. Steiner says he's the Genetic Freak and Morgan is beneath him just like Morgan's girlfriend was last night! Morgan says he does respect Steiner and the reason he respects him is because Scott is the pioneer collegiate who made good and went on to Pro Wrestling. Morgan says he's a two sport collegiate athlete and he looked up to Steiner. He also says Steiner is one of the first guys who brought the word athleticism back to Pro Wrestling so he does respect Steiner, but he then tells Steiner to never confuse his respect as a sign of weakness. Morgan says there isn't a damn thing on his frame that's weak. Morgan says if Steiner wants to do this or the fans want to see it then that's fine with him. He offers his hand to Steiner and Steiner accepts it but then he kicks Morgan down low! Steiner then hits Morgan with the Steiner Flatliner and locks in the Steiner Recliner. He talks trash to Morgan the whole time he has Morgan locked in it.

    In the back Ms. Tessmacher says it's been about 4 months since she's been in TNA and there's been a lot of changes. She takes her glasses off and says the only thing that hasn't change is her will for the KO Championship. She says she's been training this whole time and she has one thing to say to TNA and that is Ms. Tessmacher is back.

    In the back Velvet Sky says Angelina Love has been her best friend for years and she went too far when she DDT'ed her last week and she knows that she's not under her own power but she doesn't know what to do. Winter walks in and tells Velvet to stop complaining about something she knows nothing about. Winter says it sounds like Velvet is trying to accuse her of something and she wants to know what that is. Velvet says she knows for a fact that Winter drugged Angelina and she's going to go to the authorities and the only reason she hasn't yet is she wants to take care of Winter herself. Angelina Love blasts Velvet from behind and then kicks her and throws her into the wall. Winter laughs and says next week they'll clean the rest of this up.

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Sting vs. Matt Hardy

    Immortal shows up between Sting and the ring as Sting was making his entrance, but then Fortune shows up and attacks Immortal! Fortune beats Immortal to the back as Sting watches it. Matt Hardy goes down to attack Sting but Sting blocks his shot and beats Hardy around ringside. As Sting was getting ready to toss Hardy into the ring Gunner shows up and attacks Sting from behind with a pipe! No DQ there because the match hadn't started yet! Hardy rolls Sting in the ring and the bell rings as Hardy attacks the leg that Gunner hit with the pipe. Hardy slams the leg into the mat repeatedly but Sting kicks Hardy away with the free leg. Sting hits Hardy with lefts and rights but Hardy ducks the third shot and connects with a Sleeper Slam. Hardy climbs up to the middle rope and connects with a Guillotine Leg Drop for a nearfall. Matt climbs up top and goes for the Moonsault, but Sting rolls out of the way. Sting gets to his feet and limps over to Matt and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock, but as Sting rolled him over Hardy is able to break it and fling Sting aside. Hardy the chop blocks Sting's injured leg. Hardy covers Sting and gets a nearfall. Hardy then starts working on the leg again slamming it to the mat and he gets another nearfall. Hardy grabs the leg and locks in a Half Boston Crab! Sting is able to roll over and kick Hardy with the free leg. Hardy goes for an elbow drop but Sting rolls out of the way.

    Sting hits Hardy with back hands and elbows back but Hardy shoves him into the corner and hits Sting with shoulder blocks. Hardy grabs Sting's injured leg and ties it up in the ropes and kicks it. Hardy kicks the leg again as Sting limps away from Hardy to try and get some space. Hardy then elbow drops the leg and locks in a Knee Lock. Sting's shoulders were down on the mat twice and Hardy was able to get nearfalls both times. Hardy elbow drops the knee again and again. Hardy then punches Sting and taunts the crowd. Hardy waits for Sting to get to his feet and goes for Twist of Fate, but Sting shoves him into the ropes. Hardy hits Sting with a back elbow and then climbs up top but Sting grabs him by the leg and slams him to the mat by it! Sting hits Hardy with rights and lefts and then a clothesline followed by a 2nd one and then a third. Sting goes for a Stinger Splash but Hardy moves and then charges at Sting but Sting Snake Eyes Matt in the corner and connects with the Scorpion Death Drop! 1...2...3!

    Winner: Sting

    Mr. Anderson runs out after the match and Mic Checks Sting! Anderson then grabs Hardy and hits the Mic Check on him! The mic drops down to Anderson and he says "hey Stingy, in case you didn't know I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." Anderson says pretty soon it will be "1...2...3" and then he drops the mic.

    Hogan says Anderson is smarter than he looks and he had a chance to be Immortal. He says Lockdown was his final chance and this will be his demise. Hogan says he's tired of the Network playing games and he says Dixie Carter is in some rest home in Nashville, so he runs the company. Hogan says when the network grows a set and gets in his face they'll realize what they've done.

    Mr. Anderson says he doesn't like too many people and if Sting & Hardy's heads were on fire he wouldn't help them out.

    Sting says he doesn't care about the execs right now and screams at the cameraman and asks if he saw what just happened. He says revenge is on his mind.

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    awful, just awful
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      Thank goodness I have class to occupy my time during the show. However, just reading the updates I feel that I deserve some type of refund for my time.
      So any ideas what, if anything, can turn this disaster of a show around? Is it all on the shoulders of creative?


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        .....and you can't blame Hogan.....he's only in it for the money.
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          Can Hogan and Bischoff. Stop pushing ex-WWE wrestlers. And stop releasing the TNA wrestlers who were there from the start/Ring of Honor alumni.