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WWE Raw Results - 4/25/11

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  • WWE Raw Results - 4/25/11

    WWE Raw Results
    April 25th, 2011

    RAW opens up with a 20-Man RAW vs. Smackdown Battle Royal underway! The winning side earns 1 draft pick for their brand!

    20-Man RAW vs. Smackdown Battle Royal

    RAW wrestlers are wearing red RAW shirts and Smackdown wearing blue Smackdown shirts. Everyone is brawling around and KANE is eliminated by Evan Bourne, Kozlov, & Sheamus! Khali & Big Show are battling on the ropes and then other Smackdown stars come over and they come together to eliminate GREAT KHALI! On the other side Ted DiBiase Jr. almost eliminates Kofi Kingston but he lands on the apron and is able to get back in the ring. Drew McIntyre tosses Daniel Bryan over the top but Bryan is able to hold on. The camera catches KOZLOV on the outside and someone eliminated him, we see a replay of Cody Rhodes eliminating him. Ezekial Jackson dumps Evan Bourne over the top but Bourne lands on the apron and Mark Henry comes from behind Jackson and dumps him over the top! EZEKIAL JACKSON is eliminated! Henry now eliminates HEATH SLATER! Henry tosses CHRIS MASTERS over now! Now DiBiase tosses Wade Barrett over the top eliminating BARRET! Kofi tosses TED DIBIASE over the top eliminating him! MARK HENRY & BRODUS CLAY eliminate each other! Big Show tosses YOSHI TATSU over the top eliminating him! Sheamus almost eliminates Rhodes but McIntyre saves him. McIntyre goes for his DDT on Sheamus but Sheamus blocks it and then tries to knock McIntyre out of the ring, but McIntyre side steps him. Sheamus goes over the top but lands on the apron! Sheamus tries to get back in but McIntyre knocks him out! SHEAMUS is eliminated!

    Back from commercials Big Show squashes Daniel Bryan as Bryan was on his back! Big Show dropped back straight down on his back. 4 from RAW left and 4 left for Smackdown! McIntyre lifts Bourne up and tosses him over the top, but Bourne holds onto the top rope and pulls MCINTYRE over eliminating him! Big Show tosses Santino over the top but Santino holds on. Santino tries to do the Cobra on Show from the apron, but Show blocks it and makes Santino do the Cobra on himself to eliminate SANTINO! Mason Ryan grabs Cody Rhodes and tosses him out of the ring eliminating CODY! Kofi eliminates DANIEL BRYAN! It’s down to Kofi & Show vs. Ryan & Bourne. Show and Kofi jump the RAW guys and Ryan-Show pair off. Show tries to eliminate Ryan but Ryan blocks it and then Bourne backdrops Kofi over the top! Kofi lands on the apron! Bourne goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Kofi catches his leg and hits Bourne with a forearm. Kofi hits Bourne with a Shoulder Block through the ropes and then he lifts Bourne up into the air for a Backdrop, but Bourne slides down Kofi’s back and hangs on. Bourne is able to lift himself back up on to the apron! Kofi tries to stomp on Bourne but he rolls back into the ring and goes for a Leg Sweep but Kofi slingshots himself over Bourne back into the ring! Bourne nails Kofi with a big Leaping Knee Strike! Show grabs Bourne and tosses him into the corner. Bourne climbs up top and then jumps off of Mason Ryan’s back onto Show! Show catches Bourne in mid air and tosses BOURNE out of the ring to eliminate him! Mason Ryan is all alone now. Kofi and Show double team Ryan but he fights them off. Kofi hits a See-Saw Kick on Ryan in the corner and then Show tosses Ryan over the top! SMACKDOWN WINS!

    Winners: Team Smackdown

    The first RAW start drafted to join Smackdown is…JOHN CENA! The Raw roster can’t believe it and Cena comes out onto the stage and puts on a Smackdown t-shirt! Cole points out that Cena has been on RAW for 6 years!

    In the back Todd Grisham welcomes the newest member of Smackdown, John Cena. He asks Cena to react to the draft and he says he’s shocked but SyFy will party like it’s “1999” and this is the biggest move in years. He makes a bunch of Sci-Fi references and he says he has to change like “Dennis Rodman going from a man to a woman and back to a man” and then he says the biggest change will be win he walks out of Extreme Rules the WWE Champion and bring the WWE Title back to Smackdown. The Miz walks up and laughs. Miz says it’s too bad Cena’s last match will be losing to Miz. Miz laughs and says “after this Sunday when it comes to Raw, you’re right, I can’t see you” and does the “You Cant See Me” hand gesture and walks off. Cena just stares as Miz walks away.

    R-Truth then walks out onto the stage without any music and says “RALEIGH…NORTH CAROLINA…” but instead of saying “WASSUP” he says “SHUT UP!”. The fans boo and he says that they should be booing themselves. R-Truth says the topic of the day is “you” and he says that’s wassup. He says it’s all about “you.” He says last week his friend, John Morrison, and then stops as the fans chant “what” and says “y’all gone stop with that what.” R-Truth keeps stopping as they continue the “WHAT” chant. He says Morrison challenged him for his spot in the Title Match at Extreme Rules and stops again and says the fans are pissing him the hell off with the “what” chants. He says he wont let them get to him and then starts again. He asks why Morrison challenged him, and says it’s because of “you” the fans. He says he accepted because of “you” and he says “you” wanted him to. He says he also lost because of “you.” R-Truth says he’s starting to realize that he spent his entire career trying to please and be what “you” wanted him to. He says that got him nowhere and he says he came out rapping and dancing every week just so the fans can dance and rap along with him. R-Truth says “a lot of y’all need to get some rhythm, a lot of y’all be out of tune and off beat.” He mocks fans singing R-Truth’s “wassup” song. Truth asks if he makes the fans smile with “Wassup” and then asks if the fans singing that with him put titles around his waist? Truth says the kids that like to sing his song can wipe their noses and shutup. He says for 10 years he chose the fans but now he’s officially giving each and every one of the fans the boot. He says “peace out” and again says the fans should be booing themselves. Truth calls a fan “four eyes” and then says he’s had 10 years of frustration and disappointment, but when he let that go it felt marvelous. He says he’s being honest and for the first time in his life the “TRUTH” has set him free. JOHN MORRISON attacks Truth from behind! Morrison beats on Truth until referees runs out and pull him off Truth. Morrison breaks away from the referees and attacks Truth again! Finally the referees pull him off.

    Another Awesome Kong promo airs.

    Eve Torres vs. Layla

    Michelle McCool walks out behind Layla and Mathews says they are trying to reconcile. Layla attacks Eve at the bell and goes for a whip but Eve counters into a STO. McCool distracts Layla and Cole then interrupts the match as Eve rolls up Layla and gets the win!

    Winner: Eve Torres

    Cole says he’d fall asleep if he kept watching and he says unlike the divas he’s a real athlete. He says he has to go through a very extensive pre-match exercise. He says he wants us to sit back and watch his clinic tonight. He says he will dissect our hero, “King Kong Flabby” Jim Ross. He says after he’s done with J.R. he’ll have BAR-B-Q sauce spraying out of his belly button.

    At ringside Layla attacks Michelle McCool and slams her head into the guardrail repeatedly! She then throws her into the ring apron and says “I’m sick of this.” She then throws McCool onto the announce table! Layla starts crying. McCool is crying now too.


    The Raw roster celebrates and then REY comes out onto the stage and gets a huge ovation.

    Kofi Kingston v. Sheamus

    Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise to defeat the United States Champion, and earns a draft pick for Smackdown.

    Winner: Kofi Kingston

    Smackdown receives Randy Orton.

    After his selection, the Viper appears on the entrance ramp and dons a Smackdown T-shirt.

    Michael Cole v. Jim Ross

    Jim Ross is dressed in dress pants, an Oklahoma Sooners jersey, and a cowboy hat. The two square off in the middle of the ring as Cole mocks the size of Ross. Cole jumps out of the ring and grabs the hat of Ross which was being held by the ring keeper. He waltzes back into the ring wearing it. He places the hat on the ground and stomps upon it. Cole walks over to his corner were Swagger dabs his face with a towel. He then proceeds to do pushups to show his “great physique and strength”. Ross grabs him by the singlet, and chucks him down to the mat. The referee holds back Ross as Cole calls for a time out. Swagger places a stool in the ring and provides Cole with water. Back on his feet, Cole stares down Ross. Cole runs to scoop slam Ross, but he is unable to lift him. Finally he gets him in the air, but Ross falls back down onto Cole! Ross begins to punch at Cole! Cole runs out of the ring, but Lawler throws him back in! Swagger then attacks Lawler and slides into the ring. Swagger begins to stomp on Ross as the referee calls for the DQ.

    Winner: Jim Ross

    After the match, Swagger puts the ankle lock on Ross. Cole’s lip is busted open! Cole take Jim Ross’s belt and proceeds to beat him with it! Lawler runs back into the ring to make the save. He throws Swagger to the outside and takes the belt from Cole. He proceeds to whip Cole!

    General Manager Alert

    "This Sunday at Extreme Rules, Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler v. Jack Swagger & Michael Cole will be a tag team country whipping match!"

    Scott Stanford is in the back with The Miz & Alex Riley. Miz mocks the fact that The Rock is having a birthday celebration on next week’s RAW. Miz says that he will win his match at Extreme Rules. Cena will go to Smackdown as a loser, and John Morrison is always a loser. He says that the RAW roster must be praying that he doesn’t get drafted to Smackdown, because if he does, within one month, RAW will be cancelled.

    Dolph Ziggler v. Randy Orton

    Ziggler backs Orton in to the corner and then drags him into the middle of the ring for a cover. Ziggler locks on a rear choke. Orton gets to his feet and lands a blow to Ziggler. Orton rolls to the outside of the ring, and Ziggler follows after. Dolph hits a dropkick on the outside! Orton falls over the guard rail and the referee begins a ten count. Orton gets back in the ring and hits a Lou Thesz Press. Orton connects with the Angle Slam, and then goes for a cover, but Ziggler kicks out. Orton hits his back breaker and starts to pound on the mat. Ziggler tries for a roll up, but Orton kicks out. Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere and this match is over.

    Winner: Randy Orton

    Smackdown receives...

    CM Punk comes out on the entrance ramp and says that the draft pick can wait, because he has something to say. He addresses Orton and says that he is going to destroy him at the Extreme Rules PPV. Punk says that a simple RKO out of nowhere will not win the match for him at PPV. Punk says that Orton is going to be going to Smackdown a shell of what he used to be. Orton says that there are many things he is going to miss about RAW, but one thing he will not miss is having to hear Punk babble on and on. He claims that after Sunday Punk is going to be nothing but sleeping unconscious, because Orton will be the Last Man Standing.

    Smackdown receives: Mark Henry & Sin Cara

    Wade Barrett v. Rey Mysterio

    Barrett whips Rey into the corner, but Rey bounces back and slides under his legs. Wade drops him on his back and goes for a cover. Rey kicks out. Wade pounds on him and goes for another cover. Rey kicks out. Orton whips behind Rey and begins to work the arms. Rey escapes and climbs the turnbuckle he hits a hurricarana and follows it up with the 619! Mysterio heads to the top rope and hits a frog splash, this match is over!

    Winner: Rey Mysterio

    RAW receives: Big Show & Alberto Del Rio

    In the back, Rio is visibly upset as he says good bye to Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay.

    CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio & The Miz v. John Cena, Christian & Mark Henry

    Christian and Miz start things off. The lock up and Miz hits a shoulder block. Christian gets back to his feet and looks for a lock up. Miz kicks him the gut but then gets sent into the ropes and hit with a forearm. Cena runs into the ring with the tag, and Miz bails.

    Back from the break, Miz is in the ring with Cena. Miz tags in Punk. Cena hits a dropkick and backs Punk into the corner. Henry gets the tag. He splashes Punk and then steps on his stomach. Punk uses the ropes to escape. Christian gets the tag. He elbows Punk and then hits a flying uppercut from the second rope. Punk finally gets the momentum with a kick to the skull, and tags in Del Rio. Christian is backed into the corner and hit with an enziguiri. Miz gets the tag. Miz hits a running shoulder block, and then goes for the cover. Christian kicks out, but gets caught in a rear choke. Miz drags him back to the corner and tags in Punk. CM drops the leg and goes for the cover. Christian kicks out. Punk whips Christian hard into the corner, and Christian falls to the mat. Punk tags in Miz. Miz kicks Christian in the gut, and then Punk hits a parting kick to the back. Miz stares at Christian, deciding upon his next move. Christian takes advantage of the delay and looks for the Unprettier. Miz counters, and sets up the splash in the corner. Cover attempt, but Christian kicks out. Del Rio gets the tag. He runs into the ring and goes right for the arm of Christian. Christian gets to the corner to break the hold. He heads up the turnbuckle, but Del Rio follows after. Christian knocks him down to the mat, and sets up for the Tornado DDT. The move connects! Christian staggers to his corner and tags in John Cena. Miz also gets the tag. Cena starts his moves of doom and hits the side slam. He is looking for the 5 Knuckle, but Mark Henry runs into the ring and shoulder blocks Cena! Henry rolls out of the ring, and attacks Christian as well! Back inside the ring, Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale, and this match is over!

    Winners: CM Punk, The Miz, & Alberto Del Rio

    RAW receives: JOHN CENA!!!!!!

    After the match, Cena completely clears the ring of everyone! He celebrates and dons a RAW t-shirt!

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    Lame show overall
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    Dan LeFevour PC 193/283


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      The Draft seems worse and worse every year. Everyone knows what always happens. Smackdown loses all their top guys every year and get very few guys back. The Michael Cole storyline is a complete utter waste of time and is annoying beyond belief now.


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        Originally posted by key2win View Post
        The Draft seems worse and worse every year. Everyone knows what always happens. Smackdown loses all their top guys every year and get very few guys back. The Michael Cole storyline is a complete utter waste of time and is annoying beyond belief now.
        Smackdown got Orton..Mysterio was midcarding and they got back Sin Cara, it evened out betwen those two..and BigShow has been midcarding as well..

        How can you dislike SIR Michael Cole?!
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        Dan LeFevour PC 193/283


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          was the draft picks being done by a "randomizer" or were they just announcing the picks...

          I used to look forward to the draft and new rivalries starting, now it just seems useless...just make everyone available on every show already
          Not looking for anything specific, just whatever catches my eye, but I am partial to Chicago Cubs, David Wright, Jim Palmer, Miguel Cabrera, and Yao Ming

          My Bucket