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Miss USA on her Tough Enough Elimination

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  • Miss USA on her Tough Enough Elimination

    But now, since I’m off the show, I can tell you a secret. I’m giving you and your readers an exclusive. The reason why my body was sore, why I was crying all of the time was I had three fractured ribs and didn’t want to tell anyone about it.

    BF: Geez, you must have been in a lot of pain. How’d you fracture your ribs?
    RF: Well, I was training with Bill one-on-one when I was already injured for about a week. And then he sat on me, on the side with the fractured ribs, and I screamed out loudly. He picks me up and is like “Rima, I’m a father with two daughters. I know when they’re in pain so tell me what’s going on.” So I tell him how I fractured my ribs. I tell him that I was in the ring with Michelle, who claimed to have some wrestling experience but it turned out that she didn’t. And it’s dangerous to be in the ring with someone who doesn’t have any experience. So she kept falling on top of me, and falling, and couldn’t roll back properly and cracked my ribs.
    Oh the irony of her saying its dangerous to be in the ring with someone who has no expierence.
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    You know after the contest is over, she will still be giving a WWE contract. Just like Ultimate Fighter, even if you dont win, there are always several people that still get contracts, maybe just not as much money or guaranteed years.