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  • WWE Survivor Series Results

    The bonus Survivor Series matchup featured the team of Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Brodus Clay and Justin Gabriel taking on the Prime Time Players, Primo, Epico and Tensai. - Winner Team Mysterio

    Eve defeats Kaitlyn to retain title

    Cesaro defeats R-Truth to retain title

    Sheamus wins by DQ over Big Show

    Zigler defeats Orton as Team Zigler defeats Team Foley

    CM Punk pins Cena after Cena and Ryback were attacked by security guards

    Overall - no titles changed hands and Zigler STILL has not cashed in his money in the bank

    (Anyone watching the PPV can feel free to comment on the details of each match)
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    I am glad Hogan Jr or Goldberg Light didnt win the WWE Title. Punk should keep the belt until he drops it to Rock at Royal Rumble.

    Ziggler finally won a match that matters. Orton doesnt need any wins. He already ruined Wade Barrett.

    I read the 3 people who jumped Cena and Ryback are NXT Champion Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins is Tyler Black from Ring of Honor and someone just as good as Punk. Dean Ambrose is supposedly this really good Indy Wrestler whose gimmick is better suited for the Attitude Era. I have no clue who Roman Reigns is. Looks like Punk now has a stable.


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      That would be cool if Punk forms some sorta group with those wrestlers.
      Wonder how they are gonna give Ryback the belt, I am sure it will happen eventually..
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        Originally posted by ocanseco55 View Post
        That would be cool if Punk forms some sorta group with those wrestlers.
        Wonder how they are gonna give Ryback the belt, I am sure it will happen eventually..
        from what i understand,Punk drops the belt to Dwayne at the Rumble,Dwayne keeps it through to Wrestlemania,and either loses it then,or on Raw the next night,im assuming to whomever Vince decides is the next Cena/Hogan jr,with regards to the Sheamus/Fat Ass match tonight,im wondering after when Sheamus nailed the Brogue Kick on the ramp,why Ziggler didnt come down with the briefcase and a ref,he couldve gone into his Team Foley Vs Team Ziggler match with the belt,and it wouldve been an easy pin considering how much damage Sheamus had done to him during thier own match,and for the record,the "divas" match,is nothing more than a glorified bathroom break considering the quality of divas in the WWE right now is a joke outside of Natalya,Beth(whos left),Kong(who left),and Eve,beyond that theyre nothing more than eye candy who cant do squat in a ring,i miss the days of Lita,Trish,Chyna,ect,women who actually knew how to fight in the ring,rather than humiliate themselves what with this AJ/Vickie BS,which needs to END NOW
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