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    I thought this would be a good fun topic and discussion thread. Majority of the times, wrestling fans think they can book wrestling shows and pay per views better than the actual company can. By seeing some of the stuff on television over the years, I can totally agree with that notion.

    In this case, you be the booker for TNA wrestling. What storylines, feuds, and recurring themes would you write for the show?

    For this new incarnation of TNA Wrestling, these are some of the storylines and suggestions I would do:

    From watching TNA Impact tonight, they are going with a Sting Vs Hulk Hogan feud which is fine. They need to build it up much like WCW did for over a year. The only problem with it is that they are trying to turn Sting heel, which failed miserably in WCW.

    Rob Van Dam's debut and Jeff Hardy's return came out of nowhere and did nothing for either of them. Rob Van Dam did beat Sting, but then got killed with a baseball bat for a good 5 minutes. They need him to feud with A.J. Styles and slowly build that up. As for Jeff Hardy, there was no reason to toss him in the Styles/Abyss feud.

    I am glad they decided to place Christopher Daniels back in the X Division, but what were they thinking tonight. Two of the best X Division wrestlers, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, lost their title match to Shannon Moore. Really? To a newcomer who casual wrestling fans dont really know that well. Moore should earn his spot on the roster instead of being giving a title shot because of his friendship with Jeff Hardy.

    Stop with this whiny Abyss character. For someone who was an unstoppable force in his early years, his character now is horrible. They should do what WWE did with Kane, take off his mask and make him go crazy insane on everyone.

    Keep Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman in their own little feud without making TNA wrestlers job to them.

    Please do not use The Nasty Boys in any feuds anymore.

    Keep Ric Flair simply as the manager of A.J. Styles. He does not need to wrestle more than once every 4 months.

    Use Samoa Joe in a feud that matters, meaning a main event storyline.

    They are going in the right direction with the Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson and D'Angelo Dinero Vs Desmond Wolf feuds. They are also hinting a Matt Morgan Vs Hernandez feud which is being built up slowly.

    What happened to Homicide and Rhino? After Homicide betrayed Hernandez, they never followed up on that feud.

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    i dont follow tna much at all,but i agree with you on this.
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      Looks like TNA signed up Ken Doane. Kenny is a good wrestler who never got a chance in WWE and got stuck with a dumb gimmick. If given a chance in TNA, he would do good. Maybe start him in a feud with Frankie Kazarian or Doug Williams.


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        Oh? No sign of Doane on Impact yet.


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          He had a few matches with them and it was reported that he was signed. Im sure in the next few months, he will end up there when TNA signs some of the recently released WWE wrestlers.