2015 Donruss Soccer Variations Guide

One of the few sports where a player's national affiliation and club team can produce drastically different support and recognition, 2015 Donruss Soccer covers both sides of the equation. Although the base set is centered around the club teams for each player, a select group of 21 players can also be found with variations images that showcase them playing for their respective national team.

Although no odds are known at this point, the variations don't appear to be all that rare, and, according to the checklist, the same parallels that cover the base set also extend to the variations. This includes Bronze Press Proof (#/299), Silver Press Proof (#/199), Gold Press Proof (#/99), Red Soccer Ball (#/49), Green Soccer Ball (#/25), Gold Panini Logo (#/10), Black Panini Logo (1/1).

Click on the link above to look at the 2015 Donruss Soccer Variations Guide. They're paired with the base versions so you know exactly how to tell them apart.