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  • Smackdown Spoiler!

    Please do not continue to read if you don't want to know....

    Edge has turned back to a heel 'offically' on this Fridays Smackdown, terrible call, but obviously WWE wasn't happy with his latest face work (his stuff in the early 2000s was gold though)

    This is terrible i'm already sick of him being a heel again, Cena vs Edge is way overdone, the only thing that would work is Edge vs Orton and now RAW is completely heel heavy, Sheamus, Edge, Jericho, Batista (for now) its gonna be boring for awhile...
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    I told you so. LOL!


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      Agreeing with Gladdy on this one. Way too soon to turn back, as Edge has only been back three months, but it was probably his own call, suggested to the scribblers. His heel act, though, is way past tired. Triple H is the same way, which is why every time people think he's turning, he doesn't, and probably won't for the sake of his kids.