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  • Favorite Gimmick Matches

    What is your favorite gimmick matches? Here are a few of mine.

    TLC - The original ones with the Hardys, Dudleys, and Edge/Christian were all classics. They were all spot fests, but were very good matches nonetheless. Today the MITB Ladder match takes its place at Wrestlemania.

    Hell in a Cell - The original ones, mostly involving Undertaker, were some of the better ones. The first one with Shawn Michaels started it all. The one against Mankind was classic. Today, most of them are just there to avoid outside interference and not the same as they once were.

    Ultimate Submission - My favorite ones involved Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit. Somehow seeing John Cena and Triple H in these do not hold the same merit.

    Royal Rumble - My favorite pay per view every year aside from Wrestlemania. I wish they would once let an underdog that no one expects to win be the victor.

    King of the Ring - I liked the concept when this event first started. Having a one night tournament with 16 wrestlers who would have to compete in 4 matches that night to win. For time purposes, even having 8 wrestlers compete in 3 matches per night works. I hated it when they changed the format to where only the final match was on the pay per view card.

    Survivor Series - Much like the King of the Ring, WWE disregarded the 4 on 4 and 5 on 5 elimination style matches in the later years. They would hold one elimination style match per year and the rest of the card would be regular matches. I hear that WWE may incorporate a WCW War Games style concept for their November pay per view. War Games was similar to Royal Rumble where 60 wrestlers would go from the start in and be in 3 wrestling rings. Only problem is I dont think WWE has 60 wrestlers on their roster.

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    Uhm, TLC, HITC, and Elimination Chamber matches dont work well in the PG era, so i'd say a ladder match in the PG era and Chamber match in the non PG era
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