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  • A Note to All

    just wanted to let all my trading partners that I'm still alive and kicking, I haven't been on here for a while. I've been going all over the place trying to find out what my wifes health issue is. No one has been able to figure it out yet, needless to say I'm worried and not really paying attention to trading cards right now. We're home for the weekend so I'll try to work on some trades over the next couple of days.

    Have to go mow some lawns, need the money as the co-pay bills are starting to stack up and you got to give the devil his due when he sends you the bill.

    Hope to be back to trading a lot more sooner than later

    tx bob
    UD Baseball MASTER SET Collector!! I need 1 copy of every BB card UD made. My want list is far from complete. LMK what you have & what you want

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    Good luck to you both!....please give your wife my well wishes.

    My wife has a very screwy stomach that has scared us a few times...on top of having a wacko heart that likes to give her trouble from time to time (she had heart surgery as an infant, and that has always worried me), we've also been to many doctors for both issues when she has flare ups and NONE of them know what is going on with her....very frustrating!.....I know where your coming from.

    Anyways, hope all goes well with your wife.

    Currently looking for:
    Football: The Gronk!
    Basketball: Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, & Michael Jordan, 90's refractors or #rd stuff, Damon Stoudamire, Penny, etc.
    Baseball: Paul Goldschmidt & Mike Trout
    + HOFer slab bed or raw.

    Collecting University of Arizona current and Alum players!!!
    Go Cats!!!

    Trade page:


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      Bob, I hope and pray that all goes well for you and your wife. Also, just to let you know, I'll move this to the "Chapel" forum.

      Have a good evening, Rodney

      The main items Im looking to trade for are
      Baseball HOFers Autos I need
      Orioles Autos I need
      Baseball HOFers GU I need
      Orioles GU I need
      Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
      However other offers will be considered


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        I will keep you and your wife in my prayers.
        Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

        I do not trade nor buy at "eBay values", unless a card is so rare that it is unlisted.


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          Bob, your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Don't worry about us, take care of your wife and yourself.


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            Bob, your family will be in my prayers.


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              thank you all for your prayers and encouragement, the wife was actually feeling better tonight and insisted on cooking dinner, spaggetti and garlic bread, I've had this women for 31 years and this is the first time she's been sick, I need her for another 31 years with the grace of God and your prayers I will be rewarded tx again bob
              UD Baseball MASTER SET Collector!! I need 1 copy of every BB card UD made. My want list is far from complete. LMK what you have & what you want


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                Best wishes to you all, my friend..
                TRADELIST and SELL LIST:
                NEEDS: HOF & Old-timer gu and autos, Reds, Bengals, Former Kentucky Alumni, & Star gu and autos..


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                  My prayers are with you and your wife.



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                    Hang in there guy! God Bless!
                    My bucket:

                    New Wix Site:

                    Looking for Cardinal autos I don't have and some dupes of players I already have!
                    Also cards not listed of the players on my Primary Wants list on my Wixsite.
                    Also looking for current Blues autos!


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                      Best of luck to you and your wife. I pray for the Doctors to be shown the problem!
                      I collect a little bit of everything. But, if I never get back to you, your probably on Ignore!!


                      Jim Thome Have List:

                      Save the Ta-Tas


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                        Best of luck.
                        Trading for all Cleveland teams in Cleveland uniforms, Cleveland minor league affiliates & Columbus Bluejackets


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                          Hope that things will get better soon.