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Tristar Obak: A History of the Game

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  • Tristar Obak: A History of the Game

    Tristar Obak: A History of the Game
    Configuration: 6 cards per pack. 20 packs per box.

    Tristar presents their newest edition of Obak baseball with A History of the Game. This product features some of baseball's greatest legends as well as baseball's future stars. New to Obak baseball in this release are Mini Autograph cards.

    - 11 Guaranteed Hits Per Box
    - 4 Autograph Cards: Numbered to 125 or less
    - 2 Parallel Cards: Numbered to 50 or less
    - 1 Mini Parallel Card: Numbered to 50 or less
    - 3 Short Print Cards
    - 1 T4 Limited Edition Cabinet Card

    Tristar Obak: A History of the Game is filled with a variety of vintage and present photography highlighting baseball legends and rising stars. Some players included in this set are Hank Greenberg, Roger Clemens, Johnny Bench, Rogers Clemens, Jason Heyward, Austin Jackson, Carlos Santana, Starlin Castro, and many more. There are also cards for President Barack Obama, Todd McFarlane, and Hulk Hogan. The box is serial numbered #18/3000.

    Box Break Results

    Base Cards

    The base cards have a very clean look to them. The photography on the card is crisp and clear. The white bordering that surrounds the photo makes the player stand out more. I really like the combination of mixing the young stars in with the pre-war players and 80's players that I grew up watching. The back of the card has a brief description of the player featured and is in blue print. We pulled a duplicate Rookie Card of Starlin Castro.

    Short Print Cards

    1869 Cincinnatti Red Stockings

    There are 11 Short Print Cards in this product. We pulled 3 from this box including the 1869 Cincinnatti Red Stockings, Frank Chance, and Joe Tinker. Although majority of these short print cards are pre-war players, there is a nice selection to choose from. There is even a card of Todd McFarlane. The short print cards have the same design and look as the base cards on the front and back.

    Mini Cards

    Eddie Cicotte #18/25

    There are 20 Mini cards per box. The Mini cards have the same design and look as the base cards on the front and back. 1 was a green parallel card of Eddie Cicotte numbered out of 25. The front and back of the card is in green writing. We pulled a duplicate Mini card of Jason Heyward.

    Parallel Cards

    Don Baylor #25/25
    Sherry Magee #5/50

    The parallel cards have the same design and look as the base cards on the front and back. The Don Baylor is a green parallel numbered out of 25. The front and back of the card is in green writing. The Sherry Magee is a black parallel numbered out of 50. The front and back of the card is in black writing.

    T4 Limited Edition Cabinet Card

    Clark Griffith

    Each box includes 1 Cabinet Card that measures 3 1/2 x 5 inches. The one we pulled was of Clark Griffith. The back of the card shows a photo of Lloyd St. Grounds (Milwaukee) - First Franchise Field 1901.

    Autograph Cards

    Ken Landreaux #61/125
    John Paciorek 59/75

    Chris Carter #10/25
    Matt Hobgood #3/5

    The Autograph cards have the same design and look as the base cards on the front and back. The autograph is a sticker autograph. We pulled 4 autographs from this box. The Ken Landreaux is a blue parallel autograph numbered out of 125. The John Paciorek is a brown parallel autograph numbered out of 75. The Chris Carter is a green parallel autograph numbered out of 25. The Matt Hobgood is a red parallel autograph numbered out of 5.

    Final Thoughts

    With each new product release of Obak, Tristar has improved the selection of players featured. I like how this product offers Mini Autographs and Cut Signature Cards. If you are lucky to get a Hot Box which falls 1 per case, you are guaranteed 35 Hits Per Box including 10 Autographs. We had a great pull in the Matt Hobgood Autograph numbered out of 5. There are only 11 Short Print cards in this product, so completing the set should be easy. Overall I really liked the makeup of this box. You are guaranteed 4 Autographs per box, a ton of young prospects and pre-war players, and many baseball legends that played a big role in our National Pastime.

    Product Rating:

    Value = 5
    Innovation = 4
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 4

    I rate this product an A- for TRISTAR!


    There is no NPN for this product

    I would like to thank TRISTAR & Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this new product. Be on the lookout for contests involving cards from this break.

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    I don't like the look of the cards, they just look bad to me
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      Very nice review Dennis. I like the look of the Jason Heyward cards with the fireworks in the background. That is one great auto you pulled numbered out of 5. Thanks Tristar for another great product.


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        Nice review, like the oldies look to the cards.
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          Very nice! I like the simplistic, white bordered design of the cards, sort of a retro feel. The card backgrounds also remind me of Turkey Red.
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            Those are nice. May pick up a box or two later this year or mid next year.
            Thanks for looking
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              very nice did you pull any dale murphy cards form this box tx bob
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                I had the pleasure of reviewing the 09 Obak and I loved the look and these look great too..

                Nice review Dennis.

                Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

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                  I love the look of these cards! I'll have to get me some for my pc!


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                    Very nice looking cards, love the idea of a hot box falling 1 per case.
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                      I don't really know if I like or dislike the card design. However, they are different and catch attention. Some are very nice and others not so nice. Interesting product.

                      The main items Im looking to trade for are
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                      Orioles Autos I need
                      Baseball HOFers GU I need
                      Orioles GU I need
                      Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
                      However other offers will be considered


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                        These cards look like they could be a big hit. I don't like the design on all of the cards, though.


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                          I like them! They have that Allen Ginter to them, with a twist. The diffrent SP's and numbered autos of players such as Jim Abbott ect. Make it a product worth buying.
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                            awesome product, only way to improve it'd be to have cut autos of mike coolbaugh, hint hint..


                            uncle tiny


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                              I've been dying to try some Obak out


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