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2011 Topps Baseball Series 1

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  • 2011 Topps Baseball Series 1

    Set Features

    2011 TOPPS BASEBALL begins its 60th Diamond Anniversary celebration spanning 6 decades of Topps Baseball cards with a glittering array of diamond feats, star-studded line-ups and flawless performances from the past and present.

    Topps Baseball Series 1 commemorates its unmatched history with ALL-NEW parallel, insert, relic, autograph, sketch and continuity cards:
    - One Of One Canary Diamond Anniversary Cards
    - 60 Years Of Topps Cards
    - Glove Leather Relic Cards
    - On-Card "Happy 60th" Autograph Cards
    - 60th Anniversary Sketch Cards
    - Kimball Champions Cards AND
    - Topps Diamond Card Giveaway - With this exhilarating Diamond Anniversary celebration, Topps fans and collectors can once again share the glory of all the legends and stars of the game and look to the future stars of the next 60 years.

    1 Autograph or Relic Card!

    1 Autograph & 2 Relic Cards!

    Topps Baseball Series 1, the most storied baseball card maker in history, and the ONLY Official Major League Baseball card, leads off the MLB season with a once-in-lifetime celebration for its 60th Diamond Anniversary Year!

    Topps 60th Anniversary Diamond Card Giveaway!
    - Unique online promotion to generate massive buzz and excitement
    - Diamond Giveaway Code cards inserted 1:6 packs of Topps Baseball Series 1
    - Every code is a Winner!
    - Consumers enter codes online with a chance to Win An Actual Diamond-Embedded Card and Much More!


    60TH ANNIVERSARY DIAMOND CARD GIVEAWAY - Every Code Card is a Winner! - 6 per Hobby Box; 1 per Jumbo Pack!
    - Topps Diamond Collection Diamond Card (330) - One of One!
    - Diamond Die-Cut Card (150)
    - Black Diamond Die-Cut Card (150) - Numbered to 60!
    - Vintage Topps Baseball Card (TBD)

    Base Cards (330 subjects)
    - 264 Veterans
    - 30 Rookies
    - 15 Team
    - 10 League Leaders
    - 2 Cy Young
    - 2 MVPs
    - 2 ROY Winners, along with #7 Mickey Mantle,
    - Plus 5 Record-Breaker Cards

    Base Card Variations (25) - 25 retired legends share a card number with a current player.

    - Platinum (330) - One of One!
    - Black (330) - Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only! - Numbered to 60! "60 Years of Collecting."
    - Gold (330) - "60 Years of Collecting." - Numbered to 2011!
    - Printing Plates (330 subjects, 1320 plates)- Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only! - One of One!
    - Topps Silk Collection (100) - 100 subjects from the base set on framed silk cards. Numbered to 50. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.

    - Canary - Flawless sparkling cards. ONE OF ONE!
    - Platinum - The base set paralleled sparkling with a Diamond Anniversary foil stamp. Inserted 1:4 packs!; 1 per Jumbo Pack

    WORLD CHAMPIONS - 1 Auto or Relic/Hobby Box; 1 Auto & 2 Relics/ Jumbo
    - Autograph Relic Cards - The 2010 World Series champs with their signature and a relic piece. Numbered to 50. -Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only!
    - Autographs - Featuring members of the 2010 World Series Champion team with their signature. Numbered to 50.
    - Relics - The champs again with a memorabilia piece. Numbered to 100.

    RELIC CARDS - 1 Auto or Relic/Hobby Box; 1 Auto & 2 Relics/ Jumbo
    - New! Glove Leather Cards (50) - Each card features a manufactured glove leather relic along with the stitched name of a past and present hero of the field. 1 Per Hobby Case. 1 Per Jumbo Box.
    *Available in Parallel versions numbered ONE OF ONE and 99. Hobby Exclusive!
    - 1964 Mickey Mantle Relic Reprint Cards (1) - Mantle's 1964 reprint Topps card featuring a piece of a game-worn Yankee jersey. Numbered to 64.
    - In the Name Relics (76) - These ONE OF ONE patch cards feature a letter from the work-out jersey nameplates from seventy-six 2010 Anaheim All-Star participants. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.

    CUT SIGNATURE CARDS - 1 Auto or Relic/Hobby Box; 1 Auto & 2 Relics/ Jumbo
    - Baseball Legends - 15 diamond luminaries from the past and their cut signature. ONE OF ONE!

    Kimball Champions (50) - 1:4 Packs; 1 per Jumbo Pack
    - Re-creating the historic and rare N184 Kimball Champion cards produced in 1888 which featured two gorgeous player images on each card front - portrait and action. These vintage-design mini cards will span the 2011 Topps brand baseball program. The first 50 cards highlight legends of the game and current stars and will appear in Series 1. The next 50-card installment will appear in 2010 Topps Baseball Series 2 and the final group in Topps Updates and Highlights Baseball.

    60th Anniversary On-Card Autograph Cards (5) - Numbered to 60!
    - Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishing Topps a "Happy 60th!" All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly on each numbered to 60 card. Numerous players' cards will be inserted into each baseball product throughout 2011. Five will be found in Series 1.

    TOPPS 60 CARDS - 1 Auto or Relic/Hobby Box; 1 Auto & 2 Relics/ Jumbo
    - Autograph Relic Cards - 20 legends and current stars appear on cards noting the statistical category in which each places in the top 60 all-time or active leaders with their signature and a relic piece. Numbered to 50. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.
    - Autograph Cards - 68 stars from above along with a signature.
    - Jumbo Relic Cards - The highpoint of 20 subjects is commemorated with a jumbo relic swatch on cards numbered to 20. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.
    - Relic Cards - The landmark of 88 players, highlighted with a swatch.
    - Insert Cards - 50 legends and current stars. - 1:4 packs; 1 per Jumbo Pack!

    60 Years of Topps (59) - 1:3 Packs; 1 per Jumbo Pack!
    - The 60-year history of Topps chronicled with a reprint of one card from every year. Each card back narrates the story of that year's design as well as other interesting minutiae.
    - Available in an Original Back Parallel version - 1 per Box; 1 per Jumbo Box!

    60 Years of Topps: The Lost Cards (10) - 1:12 Packs; 1:2 Jumbo Packs!
    - These 10 cards fill in famous card numbering gaps found throughout the Topps annals. The card back recounts the anecdote surrounding each card's history.
    - Available in an Original Back Parallel version

    History of Topps (10) - 1:18 Packs; 1:4 Jumbo Packs!
    - An overview of Topps from its nascency, and the milestones and events that complete its history.

    Reproduction Cards (30) - 1:8 Packs; 1:2 Jumbo Packs!
    - A retrospective showcasing the world of vintage baseball cards pre-1952 and pre-Topps!

    Hall of Fame Buybacks (TBD) - Original Topps cards of Hall of Famers are randomly inserted into packs.

    Diamond Duos (30 subjects/15 cards) - 1:4 Packs; 1 per Jumbo Pack
    - 30 cards pairing 2 players posing on one card.

    - Autograph Relic Cards (10) - These reprints showcase an on-card autograph and a relic. Numbered to 6. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.
    - Autograph Cards (10) - Famous cards from the Topps archives reprinted and highlighted with an on-card autograph. Numbered to 60
    - Relic Cards (20) - Collector favorites reprinted with a relic. Numbered to 60
    - Diamond Duos Relic Cards (30 subjects/15 cards) - 15 cards pairing 2 players and 2 relics from each on one card. Numbered to 50

    SKETCH CARDS (100) - Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only! - One of One!

    TICKET TO TOPPSTOWN.COM CARDS (50 subjects) - 1 per Pack; 1 per Jumbo Pack!


    To launch and celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Topps Baseball Cards, the company is pleased to announce a special Hobby-Exclusive Wrapper Redemption Program for 2011 Topps Baseball Series 1.

    Collectors sending Topps 36 Hobby wrappers or 10 HTA Jumbo wrappers of 2011 Topps Series 1 will receive a special 5-card pack of 60th Anniversary Black Diamond cards (collect all 60!).

    In addition, Topps is seeding 34 different on-card Autograph cards (#’d to 60), featuring subjects from the original 1952 Topps set, into these 5-card packs.

    Collectors should send wrappers to:

    PO BOX 2008
    Duryea, PA 18642
    ATTN: Topps Baseball Series 1 Promotion

    *Collectors are encouraged to group their wrappers and send in 1 package.
    *Promotion ends August 1, 2011.

    Here is what we pulled in our box of 2011 Topps Finest Baseball

    Base Cards

    The standard sized cards have a full color action shot of the player on the card fronts. Bordered in white, the card fronts also show the player name, position, team name, and team logo. A simple colored strip matching the team color and silver foil trim the fronts. The card backs are all horizontal in layout. A small, cropped head sort of like the player is the only photo on the back. Moderate biographical information, modest career highlights, and complete career statistics highlight the backs. The card backs are also trimmed with the team's primary color.


    Parallels are highlighted by the pictured gold border cards numbered out of 2011 and the Diamond Anniversary Platinum Version. The popular black border parallels and 1/1s return as well as special SPs of past legends and Diamond enhanced versions of base cards for the 60th Anniverary! We pulled 9 Diamond Platinum and 4 Gold Border parallels and 1 black border parallel in our box.


    60 Years of Topps

    Topps highlights some of its more famous sets and cards from the past 60 years in an insert set very similar to 2010's Cards Your Mom Threw Out set. There are also 10 "Lost Cards" in this set which fill out random numbering gaps during Topps' baseball card history. We pulled 3 of them: 1956 Stan Musial, 1955 Mickey Mantle, and 1954 Roy Campanella. The 1955 Mickey Mantle is an original back card. We pulled 1 more original back card in our box, a 1960 Stan Musial.

    Kimball Champions

    Topps pays tribute to 1888's Kimball Champions design in this set featuring 50 stars from the past and current! The back of every card shows the 50 player checklist.

    Diamond Duos

    A neat insert showing combinations of players who are either teammates or share the same position.

    Reproduction Cards

    These cards go way back into the early days of baseball and before Topps, highlighting many famous sets such as the 1911 T205s and 1932 U.S. Caramel!

    History of Topps

    This set tells the story how Topps has risen in the past 60 years to become the exclusive card of Major League Baseball!

    Topps 60

    50 of the top players, past and present are featured in this set honoring team and league statistical leaders from the past 60 years.


    Toppstown is a virtual sports themed world where children can play games, collect, and trade virtual Topps cards by entering the codes on the back of the cards at

    Topps Diamond Giveaway

    In a very similar set to last season's Million Card Giveaway, collectors can enter the codes on back of these cards for the chance to win cards from the past, Diamond Embossed cards, or even a Diamond Ring!

    Top 60 Relics

    We pulled another Top 60 card, but this one happened to be our "hit", a game used relic of Lew Burdette! Great looking relic card and nice to pull one of baseball's all time greats.

    Final Thoughts on 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball

    Topps continues right where they left off in 2010 and delivers another great product with tremendous bang for the buck! This product is great for every collector out there as the big names from the past, present, and future are featured here and having the chance to win a diamond ring doesn't hurt either! Hobby boxes are currently in the $70-$80 dollar range with jumbo boxes costing from $115-$125. Excellent start to what should be an exciting 2011 baseball season for Topps!

    Here is how I would rate this product

    Value = 4
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 5

    I rate this product an "A" for Topps!

    NPN Information

    NPN 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball (Hobby)
    P.O. Box 763
    Pittston, PA 18640

    Postmarked by November 16, 2011

    Canadian skill question- 15 x 8 +23 - 19 = ?

    I would like to thank Topps and Card Collectors World for giving me the opportunity to review this new product.

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    Watch for contests for these cards coming soon on CCW.

    my photobucket is my collection. some will be easier to trade than others, so don't be offended if I turn down a trade offer I don't like
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  • #2
    Nice review Tim. I really like the look of the Diamond Platinum parallel cards. Another solid product from Topps.


    • #3
      I know that the regular Topps stuff is not high end, but the inserts are pretty cool. And from a collecting standpoint, it makes for a lot of fun chasing all sorts of different cards of my team.

      Personally, the Topps base set is the only set I collate for my collection. I put one together every year. Okay, not every year, but most years. And lately...every year.

      Good review as well Tim.

      Collecting any Boston Sports (base,insert,GU,Auto) All Teams (Red Sox,Celtics,Patriots,Bruins)
      Also collect UNH Football/Hockey cards
      Also now collecting any cards including all dupes of all the following :
      MLB : Brian Wilson (Giants, Dodgers), Chris Carpenter (Blue Jays, Cardinals), Sam Fuld (Rays), Mike Flanagan (Orioles, Blue Jays), Phil Plantier (Padres, Red Sox), Jeff Locke (Pirates)
      NFL : Kendall Reyes (Chargers), Greg Landry (Lions), David Ball (Bears), Jerry Azumah (Bears), Dwayne Sabb (Patriots), Dan Kreider (Steelers), Ricky Santos (no pro cards)
      NBA : Matt Bonner (Spurs)
      NHL : Steve Leach, James VanRiemsDyk, Jason Krog, Eric Boguniecki, Andy Brickley, Ty Conklin, Kevin Dean, Rod Langway, Bryan Muir, Daniel Winnik
      I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside the US. Even rates to Canada are way too high now!


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        Nice review, some great insert sets this year
        Click banner for tradelist

        Dan LeFevour PC 193/283


        • #5
          good review- nice strassy. hopefully those diamond parallels show up in contests, I still need a ton for my set!

          Thanks for doing the review, and thanks a lot Topps!!!


          • #6
            Very Nice review Tim,I am loving the Inserts very very Nice Job Topps.
            Collecting CLEVELAND BROWNS,BRUINS,nascar
            Collecting Cleveland Browns.


            • #7
              One thing I think you missed was the sparkle SP's. The April issue of Beckett Baseball covers these cards for those who care to learn more.
              NEXT TRADE DEADLINE is 4/7! I will be returning to school at this time and will not trade during the semester.
              PICS LIST


              • #8
                Topps is great this year. Most Hobby packs are sold out in my area. I like the Diamond Dig and love the Sparkle cards. Great Pull on the Strasburg

                I am looking for: JJ Watt, Kawhi Leonard, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Panini Points...
                I don't deal outside the US


                • #9
                  great review I love this series and cannot wait until 2 and update!!
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                  • #10
                    Love this set and the look of the cards. Disappointing that if you buy the regular hobby box you only get one hit. I was lucky to get a jumbo box for 95 bucks. A week later I went to the same place to get another and they were 140. I give this a B plus just for the fact that the hits are far and in between.


                    • #11
                      Great review and love the look of these cards! Awesome Strassy pull too!


                      • #12
                        Nice review of this product. I bought a few jumbo packs and was impressed with the cards overall.
                        Looking for Auto's & G/u of NY Mets, NY Giants, HOFers, Old time players, 8x10 Photos & Celebrity Auto's


                        I am currently Supercollecting the following players,

                        Mike Piazza, Jose Reyes, David Wright
                        Drew Bledsoe, Curtis Martin, Eli Manning, Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Odell Beckham Jr. New PC item - any card #ed 4/25


                        • #13
                          nice cards, first Topps set I decided to put together since 2002 Topps Chrome. Have bought 15 Rack packs at walmart and have pulled 1 Auto and a lot of inserts

                          outstanding review tx bob
                          UD Baseball MASTER SET Collector!! I need 1 copy of every BB card UD made. My want list is far from complete. LMK what you have & what you want