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2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball

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  • 2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball



    Key Rookies: Aroldis Chapman, Chris Sale, Kyle Drabek, Daniel Descalso, Greg Halman, Desmond Jennings, Danny Espinosa, Ben Revere, Brian Bogusevic, Jeremy Jeffress, Freddie Freeman, Jeremy Hellickson, Brent Morel.

    220 players, with 13 rookies, including a preview of 74 base card
    subjects from 2011 Topps Baseball Series 2.

    * OPENING DAY: A parallel version of the base set numbered* to 2011

    The four printing plates from each of the 220 base card subjects.


    * SUPERSTAR CELEBRATIONS: 25 cards capturing notable home
    plate or dugout player celebrations

    * MASCOTS: "Lucky Charms" from 25 Major League teams!

    * TOPPSTOWN.COM STARS: 25 playable Topps Attax cards in a shiny version featuring a 2011 Opening Day logo.

    * NEW! SPOT THE ERROR: These cards present 2 card fronts. Compare the fronts of each card and look for the very subtle differences!

    * NEW! STADIUM LIGHTS: Glow-in-the-dark cards, featuring night game photography, showcase shimmering lights and key game elements.

    * NEW! OPENING DAY STARS: Popular 3D cards showing the biggest stars

    * NEW! PRESIDENTIAL FIRST PITCHES: Presidential first pitches from throughout baseball history. HOBBY ONLY!


    Today's hottest players appear with their signature.

    36 packs per box, 7 cards per pack

    WHAT I PULLED from our box of 2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball

    BASE CARDS received 191/220 and 12 dupes

    I like the look of the base cards, but I have seen this design somewhere before....oh yea 2011 Topps Series 1 that was already released. The base cards feature nice full color photos of the layer mostly of in-action shots, which Topps always does a great job of capturing, surrounded by a white boarder.

    PARALLEL CARDS 1:4 (received 9 )

    I like the base cards these cards feature great in-action photos, for the most part. However the cards are bordered in BLUE and numbered /2011.


    * SUPERSTAR CELEBRATIONS: 1:4 (received 9)

    Cool concept on these cards. Card feature the "signature" celebrations of various stars from the league. From the high 5's to the elbow bumps to the all out jumping and cheering etc.

    * MASCOTS: 1:4 (received 10)

    How can you NOT love these cards? I can remember these guys watching baseball games when I was a kid... and the Phillie Phanatic and his crazy tongue crack me up every time I see it ... classic !

    * TOPPSTOWN.COM STARS: 1:6 (received 6)

    Topps continues to be innovative. Through out their products, baseball, WWE etc these inserts can be both collected and the code on the backs redeemed online to recieve free Digital cards and unlock games etc.

    * SPOT THE ERROR: 1:6 (received 6)

    Remember those "Find the Error/Mistake" puzzles when you were a kid? Well Topps brings them to their cards and the MLB. I have to say... I know these are meant for kids, but some of these were actually pretty difficult and kept me guessing LOL !

    * STADIUM LIGHTS: 1:8 (received 4)

    I can still remember that first night game at Wrigley Field. This is a pretty cool concept... Stadium Light features Glow in the Dark technology on the cards, and yes.. I actually went into a dark room and checked it out... nice stuff.

    * OPENING DAY STARS: (received 2)

    These look more more 3-D than "Sportflic-like" TO be honest they sort of hurt my eyes, but I like that Topps included them and made them tougher to get than the other easily pulled inserts. A good chase insert set to put together.


    Who says The President of the United States can't go out and have some fun? THese are cool historical cards. Bush throwing out the pitch after 9-11, Kennedy the 1st President to throw out a first pitch etc etc etc Great looking cards with the old red, white and blue dominating the design

    * AUTOGRAPH CARDS: (received 0)


    2011 Topps Opening Day is what it is. It's a great design, low cost, set builders and younger collectors dream. Tons of inserts, parallels etc, with a shot at an autograph without having to spend $100 a box to get one.

    If you are looking to build a great looking set with numerous inserts for a VERY affordable price, this is the set for you. Topps never disappoints with it's great photography and simple design that is appealing to the eye and friendly to the wallet.

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    Great review.. great cards...


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      just when I thought I was done with baseball....they put out another subset that I will have to put in my PC!

      Presidential First Pitch. A MUST HAVE for the PC!

      Great review Adam. Nice looking cards!
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        Nice review, looks like decent stuff
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          Very nice affordable product by Topps. My 2 favorite card designs are the Opening Day Stars and The Mascots. For some reason I always liked the Mascots cards, even when Topps did that for basketball.


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            nice review!
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              thanks guys... no auto or gu... but was still a fun break


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                I don't know, I always seem to like the Opening Day inserts they put together. Makes for fun breaks. And you can get a blaster for like 20 bucks or whatever, and get a pretty good break in terms of inserts. I always like to buy some of these.

                Nice review as well!

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                  opening day has come along way from the late 90's when this set first appeared, no inserts back then. A very nice set to help lure young collectors into the hobby. tx bob
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                    Presidental first pitchies arn't hobby exclusive