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2009 Tristar Prospects Plus

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  • 2009 Tristar Prospects Plus

    2009 TRISTAR Prospects Plus

    20 packs per box 6 cards per pack

    Product Highlights:
    100 card base set with 32 SPs

    Each box contains atleast 11 hits..
    4 autograph cards
    2 parallels
    2 Crystal Ballers
    2 Short Prints
    1 TriStar Obak Update

    Each box is actually serially numbered on the outside.. Only 2400 boxes were produced.

    Autograph Cards
    Over 75 different Autograph cards
    20+ multi-autograph cards
    Autographs of some of baseball's top prospects from the 2009 draft plus names like Seaver, Sandberg, and Murphy!
    All autos are numbered out of 1, 5, 25, 50, or 199.
    Also included are Cut Signatures from names like Reggie Jackson, Johnny Bench, Strasburg and more.

    Parallel Cards
    There are a ton of parallels of the top draft picks to chase in this year's set.. 15 different Strasburg cards including color variations, 45 different Dustin Ackley, 25 different Donavan Tate, plus many many more.

    Crystal Ballers
    Brand-New subset for 2009.. 16 short print cards featuring the draft's top stars.

    The base set consists of 5 subsets.
    Cards 1-76
    High gloss cards with silver foil accents.

    Cards 77-100 feature multi-player cards.
    77-86, 92, and 100 feature dual player cards.
    87-90 and 98 feature quad player cards.
    91, 93-97, and 99 feature triple player cards.
    Some are separated by the team they were drafted by, the school they came from, or high school players.

    Crystal Ballers
    Cards 101-117 feature the 2009 Baseball Draft's top stars.

    What I received from my box
    I received 78 of 100 cards from the base set with 31 doubles.

    Green Parallels

    I pulled 2 Green parallels numbered out 25
    #4c Tony Sanchez
    #37 Tyler Kehrer

    Red Parallels

    I pulled one red parallel numbered out of 5
    #3b Donavan Tate

    Short Print cards
    Cards #1-5 and 24 are shortprints. #1-5 are variations in color of the border or a portrait instead of the action photo. #24 in the set is Slade Heathcott, however Nicholas Franklin is also #24 being a short print.

    I pulled only one regular short print #2b Dustin Ackley.
    However I did receive one extra parallel from what I should have per the box and sell sheet. Two of the parallels I pulled were actually short prints.
    The short prints have a box or circle around the number. The Tony Sanchez and Donavan Tate were short print parallel cards.

    Obak Update cards
    I did not receive any Obak Updates, however I did receive one extra Crystal Ballers so I am not upset at this.

    Autograph Cards

    I pulled
    #35 Matthew Bashore
    #60 Seth Schwindenhammer
    #63 Kristopher Hobson
    All of them are numbered out of 199

    I also received a Green parallel autograph
    Dustin Ackley /25

    Final Thoughts:
    A very fun product to open. There is a ton of potential from any one card in this set which makes it a prospectors dream. In each box there are 11 hits which mean over half of the packs in the box contain something special. The cards are very high gloss with nice action photos and plenty of parallels and short prints to chase down for player and team collectors. I really like TRISTAR products, they have cards of all the top prospects and autographs before anyone else and the cards are beautifully done. While I did receive the box minimum of 11 hits per box, I did not receive both of the regular short prints and the Obak Update cards, but I did get extra parallels and Crystal Ballers.

    My grades for the product:

    Value - 5
    Innovation - 5
    Fun & Experience - 5
    Rebuy Value - 4

    Overall Grade - A

    I would like to thank TRISTAR & Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this product.
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    Very nice review! Lots of good cards pulled and some really nice designs! Thanks Tristar!
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      Very nice review..

      Only thing is that i hope that Tri-star can make their base cards more appealing. They seem to simple with no background.
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        Nice review Chris. I like the look of dual, triple, and quad multi-player cards. The crystal ballers cards have a nice design to it. Having autograph cards serial numbered to 199 is a good way to attract collectors in comparison to other products which autograph cards are mass produced.


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          great break.. love the cards.. Ackley has a great future!


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            I'm not big on baseball prospects, but it's always good to pull an auto from the guy on the cover of the box! The cards themselves are very nice and appealing, the Crystal Ballers especially.
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              Wow. Very nice looking baseball product. And great review of the box. Some nice low numbered pulls and great ideas for subsets/inserts. The crystal ballers are very appealing!
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                very nice review and box. that is an amazing ackley auto pull.
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                  Very nice review

                  obviously, there are great cards to be pulled since you pulled an Ackley /25!

                  The cards looked great and I really like the crystal ball design

                  Only thing I would change is the base design background

                  Thanks Tri Star!-


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                    Nice review!

                    I really love the Crystal Ballers inserts.

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                      only thing i did not like besides you got the box , was the plainess of backgounds and lack of uniform emblems . should show collecge team if not mlb team uni's !
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                        They cannot use college or MLB logos since they are not licensed.. And some, if not most of these guys haven't played any minor league ball or had the chance to wear the MLB uni..


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                        like Mohammed Ali I float like a butterfly
                        but sting like poison ivy

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                          It's a good looking product, but unfortunate that they don't have the MLB jerseys. If any of the prospects do well, they'll be great cards, and they look good.
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                            I like the autographs that are on the card. There are a lot of cards in this box that would be fun to get!


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                              although I haven't seen any Tristar products seems they maybe on the right track with their inserts,Gu, Autos and Serial Numbered cards. with the problems Upper Deck is facing its great to see a new entry into the card collecting business

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