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10-11 Timeless Treasures Basketball

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  • 10-11 Timeless Treasures Basketball

    10-11 Timeless Treasures Basketball
    Hobby Release Date: January 5th, 2011
    Hobby Configuration: 1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack
    Hobby Pack SRP: Average $80 to $85

    Case Break (On Average)
    • Find one or more of the following: Kobe Bryant Autograph, Shaquille O'Neal Autograph, John Wall Autograph and Cut Signature, Logoman, Logoman Signature, Laundry Tag Logoman, Laundry Tag Logoman Signature, Laundry Tag Team Logo, Laundry Tag Team Logo Signatures or Signatures of Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Bill Walton, John Stockton, or Larry Bird.

    Box Break (On Average)
    • 3 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards (At Least One Autograph) Per Tin
    • 2 Commons or Parallels #/ed to 399 or less

    • 100 Commons #/ed to 399
    • 50 Rookies #/ed to 399 or less
    • Exclusive Autographs of Kobe Bryant, John Wall, Wesley Johnson, and Brandon Jennings!
    • More than 300 #1/1 cards!
    • Rookie Year Materials Prime featuring game worn Prime swatches from the league's elite players' rookie seasons, #/ed to 10 or less!
    • First ever memorabilia card pairing game used material of Lakers legends and Hall of Famers George Mikan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with Prime versions #/ed to 5!
    • Autographs of today's top players such as Derrick Rose, Amare Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, and Tyreke Evans as well as newest HOFer Scottie Pippen and future HOFer Allen Iverson!

    Our Box Break:

    Base Cards

    The base cards have a very clean smooth surface. The player is featured in the center of the card surrounded by a white background. All base cards are numbered to 399. There are 100 base cards in the set. We beat the odds and pulled an extra base card. We pulled a Lebron James #163/399, Joe Johnson #361/399, & Thaddeus Young #149/399.

    Game Used Cards

    The first Game Used card we pulled was a Michael Redd Home & Road Gamers Materials #32/99. This card features two swatches from a home and away jersey. The jersey swatches are placed directly under each of the player photos.

    The second Game Used card we pulled was a Joakim Noah Rookie Year Materials #39/49. This card features the jersey swatch on the left side of the player photo. The team name is located on the bottom of the card.

    Autographed Card

    We pulled a Redemption Card #142 which is for a Devin Ebanks Rookie Recruits Signature. The card can be redeemed online and expires on June 29th, 2012. I am going to redeem this card tomorrow and will post a scan of the actual card when it comes in. Estimated delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.

    Final Thoughts

    Panini has improved their Timeless Treasures product compared to last season. The cards come wrapped inside a collectible tin that features Derrick Rose on the cover. Inside the tin is a checklist that lists every single card in this product. The base cards are very clean and the white background puts more emphasis on the player featured. We pulled an extra base card from the box which gave us a Lebron James. I like the look of the Home & Road Gamers Materials. I have always liked Game Used Cards that give us the option of different color swatches. I am excited to see what the Devin Ebanks Autograph will look like. Being a Lakers fan, I am thrilled to pull a hit card from someone on my team.

    Here is how I would rate this product:

    Value = 4
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 4

    I rate this product an A- for Panini!


    NPN 2010-11 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball
    2300 E. Randol Mill
    Arlington, TX 76011-6333

    Hand print your name and complete address on a 3x5 card and use a #10 envelope.

    Canadian residents answer this question: 777 plus 182 divided by 112 times 136 minus 156 = ?

    Postmarked by 3/16/11

    Limit to 2 entries per household.
    Only one card per envelope, mailed separately.

    I would like to thank Panini & Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this new product.

    Please support the sponsors that support Card Collectors World!

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    Awesome review, Kerwin. Congratulations on pulling a PC card from this tin. Too bad it was a redemption, though. The base cards are very nice with the white background making the actual player on the card pop out at you. The Home & Road Gamers memorabilia pieces are very sharp looking, and this particular card looks beautiful with the red, and green material pieces on them. Not as fond of the Rookie Year design, as there is only about 25% of the card with anything on it, besides the red swatch. Too much blank, and not enough color for my liking. Overall, the product looks great, and should sell very well for the thrill seeker. At this price point, it's just not for me. Thanks for the great review, and thank you very much to Panini for sharing their products with us at CCW for reviews.


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      Sweet product, but that was a rough box. Especially at $80-$85 a box. The LeBron base would probably fetch the most money, and that's not saying much, lol.

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        I love the home & road GUs, nice looking set
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          Great looking cards and nice review Kerwin!


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            nice review Kerwin. The base design looks nice. The Rookie Year cards are too blank, the empty spaces need to be filled. Nice on the Ebanks, even though it's a redpemtion.
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              I really like the set, I agree the home/road Jerseys are awesome
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                Nice review Kerwin. I do disagree on the final grading of the product. For the cost of the product there are far too many redemptions. They should have delayed the product until they can get at least 80-90% of the signatures in. The production of the base cards (#/399) in comparison to Limited (#/199) is too much for what is about the same value.

                From the 15 box case I went in on we only got 2 case hits (John Wall auto and Vince Carter landury tag) from what should have been 1 case hit per 5 boxes. We got 9 redemptions from the 15 box case. In one tin we got two redemptions. Its a bit disappointing to spend that type of money to get that many redemptions.

                I really like that they added Kevin Durant to the list of autographs you can get out of their product. I hope that they can eventually get guys like DWade, Dwight Howard and HoF players like Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing in future products, now that Topps and Upper Deck no longer produce NBA trading cards.


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                  I like the look of the cards, and a great review by Kerwin.

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                    What I've seen on these, you either hit it big or you dont. Unfortunately, I'm willing to bet the redemption will take the full 4 months. This is the downside of these Panini products lately, especially this one. Way too many redemptions and they are taking too long to get them fulfilled.

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                      Nice cards like the Noah. I would give it a 4


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                        Nice review, I like the card design and the hits are decent. I wish the product didn't have redemption cards thou.
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                          i agree with what everyone has said regarding the redemptions- the GU are nice looking, but in a higher end product, you really hope for some more star potential...


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                            Great write-up on a fantastic product. Really like the base with the "blank" background.
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                              Had my eye on a box or two of those... because per sells were saying 4 autos per box.

                              Unfortunately when that product was released... you couldn't get 4 autos per box.