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10-11 Panini Season Update Basketball

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  • 10-11 Panini Season Update Basketball

    Configuration: 24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

    - 1 Autograph
    - 3 Memorabilia Cards
    - 14 Insert Cards
    - 240 Cards Per Box!


    - On-Card Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant Autographs
    - More than 1,000 On-Card Autographs updating previous Panini releases from the 2010-11 Season
    - Green Week featuring swatches of Jerseys worn during past Green Week games
    - Find Dual (#'d/99) and Triple (#'d/49)Rookie Autographs
    - Rookie Challenge Materials -Swatches of Material worn in All-Star Weekend Rookie Challenge Game (#'d/799 or less)

    This was a popular product and concept with a lot of collectors last year. How will this year's installment differ -if at all -from the debut release?
    Last year's NBA Season Update was a solid building block that we would like to expand upon this season.The Rookie Challenge, Rookie Duals/Triples and updated Prestige and Rookies and Stars cards will return.Lakers Legacy and Christmas Cards will be swapped out this year with the Throwback Threads, All Stars and Green Week inserts taking their place.The latter two will feature materials that can be linked back to specific games -2010 and 2011 All-Star games and 2009-11 Green Weeks respectively.









    The design is fairly basic, but this is a lower end product. Anytime you can incorporate team colors into the color scheme of the design, that is a great thing. A condition sensitive basic design, but it works well.

    The perfect set for team collectors, set builders, or hard to find player collectors. Multiple players from each team. A wide and expansive checklist covering the majority of the players in the league.

    For the cost per box, you can't beat this. For about $50, you get at least one autograph and 3 game used relics with 240 cards per hobby box. This is a great product for just about every type of collector out there. Some boxes could contain more than the advertised 4 hits, which is always welcomed when a lot of products sometimes come up short a hit. It will be hard to pull something worth big money, unless you are lucky enough to snag a Kobe Bryant auto. The number of pulls and nice autographs that can come out of here makes it worth buying a box. Low numbered parallels are also a welcomed addition.

    Overall, this is a fun break with a ton of packs and cards. The design is what you’d expect from a lower end product, nothing flashy but just solid all around. The checklist is large at 200 base cards plus a ton of subsets to collect. This product is great for first time collectors, set builders, and those looking for a fun break of licensed NBA trading cards.

    • Complete Player Checklist
    • Value per box
    • Great for set collectors

    • Chipping/condition sensitive


    Value = 5
    Innovation = 4
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 4

    I give this product an A- for Panini!

    Panini America Inc.
    NPN 2010-11 Panini Season Update Basketball
    5325 FA Blvd
    Suite 100A
    Irving, TX 75061-3601

    Hand print your name and complete address on a 3x5 card and use a #10 envelope.

    Canadian residents answer this question: 255 plus 252 divided by 274 times 137 minus 179 = ?

    Thanks to Panini America for their sponsoring of this box of cards for me to review here on Card Collectors World.

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    Congrats on pulling a Cousins Auto! Last year I liked the Lakers Legacy Inserts. This year I like the look of the Rookie Challenge Inserts.


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      Nice review, solid product!

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        Nice review, and congras on the Cousins! Season Update is a nice cheap break.
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          I thought the overall design was decent, however on the All-Star GU cards, they are not up to date. I pulled an Amar'e Stoudemire, and it was pictured as the West All-Stars. These must be pictures from the previous years All-Star Game.
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            Nice cards, and great review. One thing I noticed, and it may be me, a couple of the images (the inserts) did not show up for me. All the others were fine, but those came up as the infamous 'RED X'!

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              Sweet looking product, nice review!
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                Schwood - all images show up for me. It may just be the settings on the web browser that maybe blocking a few of the pics.


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                  This product looks good and seems like a decent bang for the buck, thanks for the review.


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                    I love the All-Star cards in this set. Looks nice
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                      Thats a good product for its price, lots of the boxes had many more than the guaranteed number of hits. Nice pull on the Cousins auto!
                      I am looking for: JJ Watt, Kawhi Leonard, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Panini Points...
                      I don't deal outside the US


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                        Nice Review

                        So far this is whats in the Chipper PC
                        Chipper Jones Base & Inserts - 1275

                        Chipper Jones Autos - 4



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                          nice review, and a very nice box. I like the product because like you said, its affordable, fun, and you get a lot of cards.