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2011-12 Panini Hoops Basketball

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  • 2011-12 Panini Hoops Basketball

    Click Here For The Product Review, Product Details, & Set Checklist.

    Box Break Scans

    NPN Information

    Please send a 3x5 card with your name and complete address to:

    NPN 11-12 Panini Hoops Basketball
    5325 FAA Blvd Suite #100A
    Irving, TX 75061

    Must be postmarked by May 30, 2012 and received by June 6, 2012.

    Potential Canadian winners will be required to first correctly answer the mathematical skill-testing question.

    923 + 910 รท 546 x 645 - 284 = ?

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    The insert sets are pretty cool!


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      Nice affordable product. Like the old school feel with NBA Hoops.

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      Ohio State Autos, Jamaal Charles GU/Autos,


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        I think that people are confusing this product for a high end product. At 60 bucks a box, that is a little less than 1.70 per pack. This is certainly not a product you should look to collect if you are a strictly a high end collector only or a rookie prospect chaser.

        To me, this is a great change of pace from all of the high end products out there. This gets us back to the roots of collecting. It is a lower end product that may help and get kids back into collecting. This brings back memories of the days when you opened up a pack to get a 'base' card of someone on your favorite team. As a team collector of everything from base to autos, this is a nice product to actually get some lower end autos of some of those potentially hard to find bench players.

        Great review, and I look forward to opening up some packs and thinking back on my childhood collecting days!

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        Also collect UNH Football/Hockey cards
        Also now collecting any cards including all dupes of all the following :
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        NFL : Kendall Reyes (Chargers), Greg Landry (Lions), David Ball (Bears), Jerry Azumah (Bears), Dwayne Sabb (Patriots), Dan Kreider (Steelers), Ricky Santos (no pro cards)
        NBA : Matt Bonner (Spurs)
        NHL : Steve Leach, James VanRiemsDyk, Jason Krog, Eric Boguniecki, Andy Brickley, Ty Conklin, Kevin Dean, Rod Langway, Bryan Muir, Daniel Winnik
        I unfortunately can no longer afford to trade outside the US. Even rates to Canada are way too high now!


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          sweet cards, gotta love it anytime you get a twolves card

          my photobucket is my collection. some will be easier to trade than others, so don't be offended if I turn down a trade offer I don't like
          I collect hof au's/gu's,rcs and select lions/bears/vikings/twins/cubs for friends


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            Great review .Takes me back
            Collecting Panthers and Lots more


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              The design is way to busy for me it appears to be geared toward the younger generation of collectors.
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                Originally posted by ocanseco55 View Post
                The design is way to busy for me it appears to be geared toward the younger generation of collectors.

                Agreed to "it appears to be greared to younger collectors"
                and they need to draw them in.

                But overall I like the look.
                Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

                I do not trade nor buy at "eBay values", unless a card is so rare that it is unlisted.


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                  Nice. I like the looks of the Heroes cards
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                    simple design, nice pricepoint for younger collectors


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                      Thanks for the review.
                      Trading for all Cleveland teams in Cleveland uniforms, Cleveland minor league affiliates & Columbus Bluejackets


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                        Really nice look of the cards! Thanks so much!


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                          Brings back Memories

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                            I like the look and the Griffin over the car is awesome!



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                              I like the nice, simple design and I'm glad they released an affordable set with a huge checklist. Like seeing a lot of players that don't usually get cards.
                              Btowle18's photobucket- let me know if you see anything you're interested in!