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  • Tristar TNA Icons

    Tristar TNA Icons
    Configuration: 6 cards per pack. 20 packs per box.

    Tristar presents their latest release of TNA wrestling cards. TNA Icons introduces the TNA debut cards of Tommy Dreamer, Chelsea, Miss Tessmacher, Ink Inc., and Rosa Lottalove. The 100 card base set showcases a lineup of wrestling icons, signature moves, next generation icons, and more.

    - 4 Guaranteed Hits Per Box
    - 2 Autographed Cards: Numbered to 50 or less
    - 1 TNA Event Used Memorabilia Card: Numbered to 199 or less
    - 1 Parallel Card: Numbered to 25 or less

    TNA Icons showcases action photos, wrestler poses, finishing moves, and wrestler thoughts in this card set. Tristar has improved their TNA product with nicer photography, a slicker looking card design, and a better variety of autographs and event used memorabilia. The box is serial numbered 1541/2400.

    Here is the box break

    Base Cards

    We pulled the complete 100 card base set from the box including 15 duplicate cards. All cards have a glossy finish. The Tristar logo is on the bottom center while the TNA Icons name is on the top center of each card. The design of each card features a mantle like plaque on the top and bottom surrounding the photo. The name of each wrestler is in a nameplate on the bottom of each card. The back of the cards have a brief wrestling biography or personal thoughts from wrestler featured.

    Parallel Cards

    Matt Morgan Parallel #10/25

    The parallel cards depict the base cards with a gold 2010 logo on the top right side of the card. The card is serial numbered on the back in gold font.

    Event Used Memorabilia Card

    Mick Foley Shirt #24/199

    Event Used Shirt worn by Mick Foley. The photo of the wrestler is on the left side of the card. There are silver borders surrounding the piece of memorabilia. The name of the wrestler featured is in silver font on the right side of the card. The card is serial numbered on the back in silver font.

    Autographed Cards

    Chris Sabin Autograph #25/25!!!

    Jeff Hardy/Shannon Moore Dual Autograph #1/5!!!

    The autographs are stickered and placed on the right side of the card. The left side of the card has a photo of the wrestler(s) featured. The Chris Sabin Autograph has green glittering on the top and bottom of the card. The card is serial numbered on the back in green font. The Jeff Hardy/Shannon Moore Dual Autograph has red glittering on the top and bottom of the card. The card is serial numbered on the back in red font.

    Final Thoughts

    Tristar improves the quality and look of each TNA product with each new release. The base cards depict some great wrestling shots and I really like the mantle like plaque look of the cards. It is great to pull a complete base set from the box. The 2 Autograph cards pulled from this box is the best I have ever pulled from any product before.

    Here is how I would rate this product:

    Value = 5
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 5
    Rebuy Value = 5

    I rate this product an A+ for Tristar!


    There is no NPN for this product

    I would like to thank Tristar & Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this new product. Be on the look out for future contests with cards from this box break.

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    Nice review Jeff. Those are some great hits you pulled from that box. That Hardy/Moore Dual Auto is sick. I like the base card design better in this product compared to past TNA releases.


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      Great review! Awesome cards too! Love the Foley and that /5 Auto Wow!

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        awesome product.. tristar suplexed this set


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          Very nice box break.. and a very nice assortment of cards.

          Way-to-go Tristar....ICONS.....and the Hardy Autograph.....very very sweet!
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            Great review, the designs are awesome!


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              Great review and an even better looking product!! I like the idea that the boxes are limited w/serial # on it. I also really like the Foley EU. The looks of these cards are the best yet offered by Tristar. Way to go!!
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                nice dual...........
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                  Nice review, I like the design of the cards.
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                    It looks like a great product, but the autos aren't selling well. A Hardy/Moore Dual Auto #/25 for $16.00 is too cheap.


                    • #11
                      Very fun cards for sure!!!


                      • #12
                        Great review and very nice design.

                        Love that dual auto ser#d to 5
                        Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

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                          nice review i like the prduct count me in on the card giveaway contest =]


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                            a nice product hope they have some old stars in the box tx bob
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                              Nice review! Looks like an awesome product!
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