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Tristar TNA Signature Impact Wrestling

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  • Tristar TNA Signature Impact Wrestling

    Tristar TNA Signature Impact Wrestling
    Configuration: 6 Cards Per Pack, 20 Packs Per Box

    Box Break
    • 7 Guaranteed Hits Per Box!
    • 3 Autograph Cards all numbered to 99 or less
    • 1 Memorabilia Card all numbered to 199 or less
    • 2 Parallel Cards numbered to 50 or less
    • 1 Short Print Card of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, or Sting

    Product Highlights
    • Only 90 cases! Lowest case production ever of a TNA Wrestling product!
    • Guaranteed in every case 1 Hulk Hogan Autograph Card and 1 Ric Flair or Sting Autograph Card!
    • All boxes & cases individually numbered!
    • Guarantee of 1 Multi-Autograph Card in every box!
    • Autograph cards feature anywhere from 1 to 8 Autographs Per Card! The 1st ever Tristar 7 & 8 Autograph Cards!
    • Look for the 1 of 1 Macho Man Randy Savage Authentic Hand Signed Cut Signature Card!

    Our Box Break

    Base Cards

    We pulled the full 90 card base set not including the Short Print cards. All cards have a glossy finish to it. The Tristar logo is on the top left corner with the Signature Impact Wrestling logo on the bottom right corner of the card. The cards have a solid light blue border with the name of each wrestler on the bottom left corner in white font. The back of the cards have a brief wrestling biography of the wrestler featured. This product features the TNA Debut cards of Anarquia, Crimson, Fortune, Gunner, Immortal, Matt Hardy, Mexican America, Murphy, Rosita, and Winter.

    Short Print Card

    There are 9 Short Print cards in this product, card numbers 91 through 99 in the set. They are comprised of 3 Hulk Hogan, 3 Ric Flair, and 3 Sting cards. These cards have the same look and design as the base cards except for the white bordering. We pulled Ric Flair #94.

    Parallel Cards

    The Parallel Cards have the same look and design as the base cards except for the silver or gold Impact Wrestling logo on the top left side of the card. We pulled an Alex Shelley Silver Parallel #50/50 and a Christopher Daniels Gold Parallel #3/5.

    Memorabilia Card

    We pulled a Rob Van Dam Event Worn Shirt numbered out of 199. The photo of the wrestler is featured on the right side of the Black Jumbo Swatch. The name of the wrestler is in silver font under the Swatch.

    Autograph Cards

    The autographs are sticker autographs which have silver glittering along the top, middle, and bottom of the card. Similar to the base cards, the borders are blue with a little bit of white on the left side. The autographs are signed in blue ink. We pulled Autographs of Christy Hemme and Orlando Jordan. Both are numbered out of 99.

    You are guaranteed 1 Multi-Autograph Card per box. These autographs are also sticker autographs with silver glittering along the right side of the card. The 2 wrestler photos are separated by the silver glittering. The autographs are signed in blue ink. We pulled a Sarita/Rosita Dual Autograph numbered out of 99.

    Final Thoughts
    Tristar has improved their TNA product with the release of TNA Signature Impact Wrestling. They have taken the feel and look of the newly named Impact Wrestling show to use as the theme to design this set. The base cards depict some great wrestling shots and pictures. I like the look of the Autograph Cards with the inclusion of the silver glittering. The Event Used Memorabilia Cards contain Jumbo Swatches which is more appealing than the basic small swatches commonly used nowadays. Being a huge wrestling fan, I really enjoyed this product. It is affordable for wrestling fans of all ages with boxes ranging from $75 to $80. You get a full 90 card base set from the box. You are also guaranteed 7 hits per box including 1 Event Worn Memorabilia Card and 3 Autograph Cards. From the 3 Autograph Cards per box, 1 will be a Multi-Autograph Card. Thanks Tristar for another amazing TNA product. I cant wait until the next Tristar TNA release.

    Product Rating
    Value = 5
    Innovation = 5
    Fun and Experience = 4
    Rebuy Value = 5

    I rate this product an A for Tristar!


    There is no NPN information for this product.

    I would like to thank Tristar & Card Collectors World for giving me the chance to review this new product.

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    Nice review Kerwin! This product has a great design
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      the Christy Hemme is uh.... NICE........ uh..... um.......yea...... lol

      Great review too


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        Nice review Kerwin and I have to say the cards do look nice.

        I bet the silver glitter looks alot better in hand then in the scan.
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          TNA's best product to date.

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            Nice stuff...great looking product!

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            Ohio State Autos, Jamaal Charles GU/Autos,


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              That is some good looking stuff, thanks for the review.


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                Great review Kerwin.

                Not a wrestling card fan but those look pretty decent adn I concur with AC
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                  Great Review! Always love new TNA releases.
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                    Sweet product! None of the shops around here got any

                    Echoing the WOW-factor on the Christy Hemme Auto

                    I am looking for: JJ Watt, Kawhi Leonard, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Panini Points...
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                      I must say that despite the product they put on tv which is terribly written, the cards look great.


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                        Wow, love the look of this product for sure!!!
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                          great looking stuff. good review

                          my photobucket is my collection. some will be easier to trade than others, so don't be offended if I turn down a trade offer I don't like
                          I collect hof au's/gu's,rcs and select lions/bears/vikings/twins/cubs for friends


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                            awesome product cant wait to get some of this stuff!
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                              Looks like a fun set!

                              The autos you pulled were pretty good, too!

                              Thanks for the review!
                              - Dave

                              I collect Calvin, Barry, 1 auto each of rookie Lions that make the team & HOF auto & GU.


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