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Tristar TNA Impact 2009 Edition

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  • Tristar TNA Impact 2009 Edition

    Each 12 box mini case contains 9 TNA Impact boxes and 3 TNA Maximum impact boxes. In a 24 box master case, there are 6 Maximum Impact and 18 Impact boxes. We are fortunate enough to have a Impact box for review. Our box is sequentially numbered 1535/1800. The numbering is clearly stamped on the box in gold foil.

    Product breakdown for our box is as follows:
    4 hits guaranteed per box!
    - 2 autographed cards - both numbered to 60 or less
    - 1 TNA Kiss card - numbered to 99 or less
    or an Additional (3rd) autographed card - numbered to 60 or less
    - 1 Parallel card - numbered to 20 or less
    20 packs per box, 6 cards per pack with a base set of 99 cards.

    What we pulled:
    We pulled 1 complete set of base cards with several duplicates. The base cards feature great photography on a simply designed card. There is nothing that detracts from the photography of our favorite wrestlers. The base set features some portraits of the wrestlers with their families as well as a "then and now" feature too. In particulair, I loved the card of Kurt Angle from when he was a teen-ager.

    Parallel Card:

    We pulled a parallel card of Sting numbered to 20! This is a great pull of the wrestling icon and resident baseball bat wielding legend of the ring! There are three levels of parallels. Purple are 1/1's, Gold are numbered to 5 and Silver are numbered to 20!

    There are 60 different single signed cards, 15 double signed, 4 triple signed and 4 quad signed cards!

    Autographs of Sheik Abdul Bashir, ODB and Survivor Winner Jenna Morasca. All three autographs are sequentially numbered to 60.

    Final Thoughts:
    This was an incredibly fun break! It was very nice seeing pictures of our stars at home or with their families. The then and now subset had baby pictures of some stars! I do like the tiered parallel card system. I never liked when a company only change the numbering without at least a subtle difference in the card itself. The differences are obvious enough without completely changing the design of the card. The autograph cards are wonderfully designed. The pictures are clear and I love the white block smack in the center of the card. Its a clean design that is very visually appealing. The autograph is what the card is all about and by putting it in the center, it clearly shows it as the focus. We did not pull a kiss card. I always loved this concept and having one of the knockouts featured on a kiss card is great! The designs are awesome and there are 10 single kissed cards and 4 double kissed cards! There are also Sting facepaint cards. Sadly, we didnt pull one of those but having face paint from TNA event mounted on a card is a concept never used before. Innovation is one of the things I love most of this product. I still believe that the wrestling industry as a whole has not been fully tapped in the card market but Tristar is clearly the leader thus far. My favorite pull has to be the Jenna Morasca autograph. I am a huge wrestling fan but I am a closet Survivor geek too.

    Here's how I would rate the product:

    Value- 5
    Innovation- 5
    Fun & Experience- 5
    Rebuy Value- 5

    I rate this product a solid A for Tristar.

    I would like to thank TRISTAR for sending this product to Card Collectors World. TRISTAR is giving our forum an excellent oppurtunity to review and give away their products. Please remember to support the sponsor that graciously support our website.
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    Nice review!!



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      good looking review Frank!



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        Very nice,

        Getting a Mick Foley Auto would be insane and i like that they have Kiss cards in this set as well
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          I was hoping like crazy for a Foley auto myself, but the tops for me is Kevin Nash!


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            Nice Review Frank!

            Nice design to the cards!



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              i really like them!!
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                Nice review...Esp hoping to pull a championship card...just ordered a box from blowout on sunday
                Not looking for anything specific, just whatever catches my eye, but I am partial to Chicago Cubs, David Wright, Jim Palmer, Miguel Cabrera, and Yao Ming

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                  Sweet product, solid box! Thanks TriStar!

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                    Nice review Frank, I love the product, Tristar did a great job with the design and the limited edition of cards in general!


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                      Nice review Frank. I really like the fact that the Auto cards are only numbered to 60 or less. Considering that most autos in any product are mass produced, having a limited numbered of autos makes them more ideal to collectors. I cant wait for the 2010 TNA cards to come out. Thanks TRISTAR!


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                        Got my box today, will post up a box break later of it
                        Not looking for anything specific, just whatever catches my eye, but I am partial to Chicago Cubs, David Wright, Jim Palmer, Miguel Cabrera, and Yao Ming

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                          hey thanks Dacubs...


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                            get extra taylor wilde or beautiful people base Frank? Id love to trade for them if you did


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                              I will send ya some Ed.