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    Hello Cardboard Community! This is my first post but looking forward to meeting new collectors. Anyway, I know BCCG is ran by Beckett but much lower standards when it comes to grading. I was wondering if BCCG's authentication process is the same as BGS? For example the 86 Fleer Jordan?

    Also, I know I'm kind of ranting but what's with even having a Beckett Price Guide? I'm in the market for a 1986 Fleer complete set and in the July Beckett it's priced at $1100. I know the guide goes by average value of brick & mortar stores but there isn't a store in America you can buy a 86 Fleer complete set for $1100.

    Happy to be here!


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    I am not sure about the BCCG process, I would guess it is probably similar. But BCCG graded pricing will be a lot lower than BGS pricing.

    I have been collecting basketball cards since 1992. One thing I have noticed on Beckett Price Guides are to not pay attention to some of the pricing. For example like yours 86-87 Fleer, the main rookie cards go up and down in value. But whatever their "complete set" price never changes regardless if all rookies in the set go up substantially.


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      Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at a 86 Jordan BCCG 9 for sale on eBay. It is being sold by a store that I think is reputable but they only sale sports clothing not cards.

      I just think it's silly that Beckett does that with the more popular cards and sets. Most people that buy a guide and has not looked at one in a while would look at 86 Fleer first, IMO.

      Just ranting. Thanks for listening.