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  • Lebron James Error Card

    This is wierd. I have seen some error cards before, but usually they are uncorrected errors that shows up on all cards. Here is a 09-10 Upperdeck Lebron James card, but with Ray Allen's photo. I wonder if stuff like this is actually worth anything?

    2009-10 Upper Deck LeBron James Ray Allen error, RARE! | eBay

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    yup that happened to all the cards in that set they are kind of hard to get but i have lots of them usually when u buty a box that has errors u gat 20-30 maybe cant remember but its pretty funny


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      Yup that happened to a big number of cards in the set, i'm still wondering whether I should get a couple for my team PC lol.

      Here's alot more:
      2009-10 Upper Deck Wrong Name On Front Basketball Cards -
      "The good kid from the mad city, holding a cereal box instead of a glock"

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        Yea, alot of them got out, I don't have any though


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          hmmm... looks like i'll have to go dig through my 09/10 ud to see if i pulled any.
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