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NFL Player Spotlight #10 - Michael Vick

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    I think he's overrated. Esp. on the fantasy side of things.


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      already has his photo at SPCA, FBI and most newspapers, so if he keeps playing well he'll probably end up with his photo in the hall of fame. UNFORGIVEN but he's a better than most at QB

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        I think he has came a long way changed the way new QBs play the game like cam newton
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          I wish Vick well, he seems like a good dude to me...he fest up to his mistakes and seems to want to fix his image. I read somewhere that when the rest of the team goes out to party....he prefers to stay back and look at film or anything to advance his playing skills on the field......Maybe he can try tucking the ball in when he drives me nutz when he runs, palming the ball with one hand..TUCK IT IN MAN!!!
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            glad to see him getting a shot at redemption. He has had a tough go as of late on the field. Still not sold if he can get the job done with his arm. Regardless must see TV when he is playing

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