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Who Is Going To See The Avengers Next Weekend?

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    I planned to register to be an extra in the movie, but things were hectic last year with the birth of my son. I'll probably wait to rent it. I know a lot of the extras went to the premiere last week.
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      Spoiler alert below for those who want to know the 2 post credits scenes.


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        I seen it this weekend. Great movie!
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          Awesome. Saw it at the 3D IMax.First time ever visting an imax 3d.... Insane. I now can not wait til the dark knight, prometheus and spiderman are out in 3d. Not like the 3d I gew up on

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            Weekend Report: 'Avengers' Smashes Records - Box Office Mojo

            The numbers have increased over their projected total.

            It's been clear for a while that The Avengers would be a box office success, though few people could have foreseen this opening. The superhero team-up got off to an unprecedented $207.4 million start this weekend, which obliterates the previous all-time weekend record set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 last Summer ($169.2 million).

            While it fell short of setting a new opening day record (that still belongs to Potter), The Avengers was responsible for new high marks in most other major categories. It was the fastest movie ever to reach $100 million, $150 million, and $200 million, and it set new records for Saturday ($69.6 million) and Sunday ($57.1 million) grosses. It also had the highest per-theater average ever for a nationwide release with $47,698.

            Through its first three days, The Avengers has already grossed more than Thor ($181 million), Captain America: The First Avenger ($176.6 million) and The Incredible Hulk ($134.8 million). It's still behind Iron Man and Iron Man 2 ($318.4 million and $312.4 million, respectively), though


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              Avengers 2 Confirmed - Movies News at IGN

              It was pretty obvious that was going to be announced. I thought they would have said something on Monday instead. LOL!

              Here's the "no duh" news of the day: There will be an Avengers 2.

              According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the sequel will come after the already in the works Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2. The exec was talking to analysts about Disney's quarterly earnings when he made the announcement.

              Of course, anyone who has been following Marvel Studios' plans knows that Avengers 2 has been more or less a given. So here's where we stand: Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 both hit in 2013. Cap 2 comes in 2014. And Avengers 2 will be coming… as soon as possible, one would expect, considering the record-breaking box office of Earth's Mightiest Heroes this past weekend. That said, Iger gave no specific timeline for Avengers 2 today.


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                'The Avengers' Bashes Way to Billion Dollars at Worldwide Box Office - Yahoo! Movies

                The Avengers" will hit $1 billion in global box office Sunday, in its 19th day of release.

                The Marvel superhero mashup took in another $103.2 million from 4,349 U.S. locations over the weekend, the best-ever second week and the first time a film has broken $100 million in a second frame.

                Combined with its unprecedented $207.4 million debut weekend, "The Avengers" has taken in $372.2 million at U.S. theaters.

                "The Avengers" added $95.4 million from 54 foreign territories over the weekend, upping its foreign haul to $628.9 million.


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                  Avengers Sinks Battleship, Slays Dictator - IGN

                  Marvel's The Avengers remained the No. 1 movie at the North American box office for the third weekend in a row, soundly defeating new releases Battleship, The Dictator and What to Expect When You're Expecting. The Avengers is now Disney's highest-grossing domestic film ever, and is currently No. 7 on the list of all-time worldwide releases. The Avengers took in an estimated $55,057,000 in its third weekend of release.


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                    Now #3 on all time domestic and worldwide charts!

                    The Avengers brought in $5.65 million on Friday. That was enough to push the movie past The Dark Knight ($533.3 million) to claim third place on the all-time domestic chart with $538.1 million. The movie also moved ahead of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 to take third on the all-time worldwide chart with $1.331 billion. That's as high as The Avengers will go—there's no way it catches James Cameron's Avatar and Titanic—but it will wind up way over $1.4 billion before its run is over.


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                      'The Avengers' Hits $600 Million - Box Office Mojo

                      Sometime today, The Avengers will become the third movie ever to earn over $600 million at the domestic box office. It is reaching that milestone on its 54th day in theaters, which is a week longer than it took Avatar (47 days). Including its foreign gross, the movie's worldwide total now sits at an incredible $1.44 billion.

                      The Avengers started its remarkable box office run with a record-shattering $207.4 million opening weekend. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the movie's appeal reached well beyond the fanboy crowd, and it has held incredibly well in its eight weeks in theaters. Its debut currently accounts for 34.6 percent of its gross, which is a lower share than predecessors The Incredible Hulk (41.1 percent), Iron Man 2 (41 percent), Captain America: The First Avenger (36.8 percent) and Thor (36.3 percent).

                      The movie now holds 28 records on Box Office Mojo including opening weekend, opening theater average ($47,698) second weekend ($103.05 million), 10-day gross ($373.1 million), and fastest to $500 million (23 days). It currently accounts for over 32 percent of the total grosses for Summer 2012, and it has earned more than the next four movies combined (MIB 3, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus).

                      The Avengers continues to earn plenty of money, and this past weekend it eased 19 percent to $7.2 million. Based on its trajectory, it could wind up as high as $630 million, though that assumes its able to continue generating interest after The Amazing Spider-Man opens next Tuesday.

                      On Wednesday, The Avengers will pass the original run of Titanic ($600.8 million), though it won't eclipse Titanic's combined $658.7 million (including April's 3D re-release) unless it gets a major re-release at some point.


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                        The Avengers Crosses $1.5 Billion Mark - IGN

                        Anything Batman can do, The Avengers can do better it would seem. For no sooner has The Dark Knight Rises crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office than the Marvel team-up movie has made $1.5 billion.

                        Following The Avengers’ American re-released over the Labor Day weekend, the film added a further 2.2m to its total gross, hitting the $620m mark domestically.

                        And as of Monday, it had made $1.502 billion worldwide.

                        Ignoring inflation and the higher price of a modern-day or 3D ticket, The Avengers is now the third most successful film in history, with only the James Cameron one-two punch of Avatar and Titanic ahead.


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                          And I still have yet to see it lol
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                            Dont worry, it is coming out on DVD on September 25th. Save the $10-$13 you would spend on the movie ticket, and just buy the DVD in 3 weeks.