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Anyone know of great shops online?

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  • Anyone know of great shops online?

    First off, is this the right place to post this?

    I enjoy ripping through packs (I mean who doesn't), particularly retail packs. Unfortunately I do not live near any LCS, and only some big box stores with extremely limited selection. I have shopped at and love their store. I am just wondering if anyone knows of any other great websites who sell packs, not boxes, in bulk? I enjoy the bulk pack lots, and I don't care if they are retail as I'm on a bit of a budget and not too wrapped up in looking for hits.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I moved this to the general chat forum.

    I have never bought packs online. Maybe EBAY perhaps? I dont know of many online websites that sell packs.


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      Thank you for putting this where it belongs, I wasn't sure. Also thank you for your reply. I've checked eBay but I can't bring myself to buy packs from there. I just feel like they're someone's leftovers when it comes to packs lol


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        Actually I just thought of that. With the way certain sellers go through boxes and after they find the hits, they sell off the remaining packs, that may not be a good idea.


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          Oh absolutely. I trust DAcardworld, even though they offer 'retail packs'. I just don't trust eBay users with packs. Regardless, I appreciate your input!