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  • A couple of returns in recently....

    Warrick Dunn
    C/O Warrick Dunn Family Foundation in 28 days and signed 3/6
    Cool success from one of the more underrated RB's of the 2000's. He has done a lot of charity work off the field and its really cool to see for once. He also enclosed a letter requesting $28.00 per signature for future requests.

    Brian Campbell
    C/O Home Address in 99 days and signed 3/3
    A nice return for my Blackhawks collection. He was a key cog in the Blackhawks Stanley Cup run in 2010 and has been a key contributer for an up and coming Florida Panthers team.

    Melvin Guillard
    C/O First Round Management in 164 days and signed 6/6
    Finally got a success after sending to him a couple of times in the past. Unfortunately, he signed the cards in a beat silver pen but Im just glad to get a return and its a nice addition to my 2011 Moment of Truth Set.
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    • Got a pretty big trade in today, includes Kris Bryant, Evgeni Malkin, Connor McDavid, Tyler Seguin, Jon Jones, and Jamie Benn...

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      • Update....

        Rob Manfred
        C/O Commissioner's Office in 38 days and signed a baseball.
        Cool return from the current MLB commissioner for the price of .48 and he sent a signed baseball. Cant really beat getting a signed sweet spot baseball for one stamp and a letter.

        Demarcus Ware
        C/O Dallas Cowboys in 651 days and signed 2/2
        One of the longest return dates I have gotten. Im very surprised that this one came back since he moved teams and he must have forwarded his mail to Denver. A very cool return from one of the best pass rushers of the decade.

        Datone Jones
        C/O Green Bay Packers in 360 & 591 days and signed 3/3 & 4/4 in two separate requests.
        Always like getting the current Packers ttm. He's not a real good signer IP based on my experience going to training camp the past couple of years. He personalizes everything he signs which is fine with me and Im glad to get everything I have sent to him after the long waits.

        Calvin Johnson
        C/O Detroit Lions in 43 days and signed 4/4
        A awesome success from the best WR in the NFL. This is the third time I have sent to him and Im very happy to finally get him on four cards for my collection.

        Donald Driver
        C/O Green Bay Packers in 40 days and signed 1/4
        I saw a success on another forum getting him through the Packers address and when I saw that I sent a request to him right away and was luck enough to get him back for my Packers collection. One of my favorite Packer players of all-time.

        Jordy Nelson
        C/O Green Bay Packers in 396 days and signed 1/1
        Sent this out about the same time last year after seeing successes and after a long wait was able to get him on a photo. Unfortunately, the photo cam back badly smeared, and I will probably send out another photo in the near future.

        Three Blackhawks returns in since the last update

        Troy Murray
        C/O Chicago Blackhawks in 71 days and signed 7/7

        Al Secord
        C/O in Home Address in 77 days and signed 3/3

        Michel Goulet
        C/O Home Address in 22 days and signed 6/6 and included a signed 4x6 photo

        Ovince Saint Preux
        C/O Gym Address in 293 days and signed 4/4
        A cool return from an up and coming fighter. Unfortunately, he signed the cards in back (except the card on the bottom right) and in purple. Will probably send again soon.

        Cole Escovedo
        C/O Pacific Martial Arts in 30 days and signed 4/4
        A nice return for my 2011 Moment of Truth set. Signed both of the MOT Gold cards on the back. He was also nice enough to inscribe his nickname "The Appache Kid" on all four cards.

        Mackens Semerzier
        C/O LINXX Academy in 29 days and signed 2/2
        Another return for my set, signed nicely in bronze sharpie with his nickname signed on the back of the cards.
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        • Nice successes. Thanks for sharing.